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Baffle: the things Baffos do, is really quite baffling.

Baffo: Short for "baphomet freak".

Baphomet: Satan's fursona. Notably has breasts and a phallus. That particular phallus is also known as the "cadeucius", the Medical Staff, associated with Hermes. Hermes is connected to "hermaphrodite" (along with "Aphrodite"), and is associated with mercury / quicksilver. There's a lot to be said about that.

Bethesda: Had a pond with five porches. Bethesda Gameworks' logo has 5 porches. Jesus healed a paralyzed man here. An angel would routinely jitter the waters. It would heal a person once a day.

Birthright: "the right to be recognized as firstborn son with authority over the family". How many real men do you see being born these days.


C (letter): Unnecessary letter. Can sound like "s" or "k", and you have to wonder how words like "caesar" ("seezer" or "kaiser"), "czar", and "kaissar" all developed. "S" and "K" are rather different sounds... "C" is probably the most popular letter for initials like "CC" (33 in English gematria) and "CK" (3 11 in English gematria)

Cain: Brother and murderer of Abel. The devil himself apparently entered him. Father of the Canaanites, but where did his wife come from? What is the mark of Cain? (only racists care)


Dig it (phrase): "Can you dig it?". Reference to the digging of a well that was given a name, in Genesis. They digged a well and named it "Beautiful".


Edom: only racists care.

Esau: Hairy red man that sold his birthright for soup. Father of Edomites. God didn't like him.


Father: Call no man "father", for there is only one (1) Father.


G (letter): 7th letter in English Gematria, and if you counted through all the letters and got back to G, it'd be 33 letters you counted. 7 is also regarded as a number that has a lot of inherent power. 7 is a very symbolic number that can represent a powerful amount, but not necessarily in a literal sense. "G" is famously in the square & compass logo of Freemasons ("freemartins"). The square & compass symbolize how the earth was drawn, as a circle that has corners around it.


Hermes: "messenger of the gods" in Greek mythology. Has winged shoes, name is a part of "hermaphrodite", very strong association with medical industry and medicine. Associated with quicksilver, which is a very toxic metal present in vaccines.


I (letter): Looks like a pillar. Sounds like "eye". Some people wonder if "i" (lowercase) was a header for "years". Today we'll write "y2000" for "year 2000", but "i" could have been the equivalent to that, in the Pre Flood world.

I AM: A name of God. Baffos like to use it for themselves, because they're delusional.


J (letter): "yih", "i" or "dzj".

Jesus Christ: Son of God, king of all. Not to be confused with the impostor shown in all those gruesome images that fat pastors like to wave around on sidewalks. Coming back soon. Will destroy the world on 3rd coming.

Jude, Hey (Beatles): title is a reference to the book in NT, but in an "overriding your conception of a word" way. These days, movies and albums are made with titles that coincide with names given to other things, to disrupt people's attempts to research. Google ANY common phrase or word, see what comes up. Hollywood garbage. Seriously.



Lucifer: "Lightbringer". Lux = light / photon. Probably Satan's original name. Derivative names are common, like "Lucille", and "Lucius Trust".


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Nov 24 2020