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Performers on stage, screen, and IRL. "Street theater", it's called.

Actors were once not regarded very highly in society. Back when stage theater was still a huge deal, actors were often regarded as being lower than prostitutes.

... Again, I'm having trouble finding things I recall reading once. Revisiting those pages only brings me ads and dead ends. Maybe the pages have been revised since years ago, but I can't find worthwhile articles that explain how actors were once regarded in a nasty way by society. Apparently that was more of an 1800s and prior mindset, but since television became a thing, actors became way more popular and celebrated.

... which in itself is a major ponderable. There's so much deleted and forgotten history about the way people viewed things, and the values society once held, and things have changed tremendously in even 5 years. 10 years ago, things were considerably different in everyday life. Today, things are just... more of the same. But you could tell things were different.

Most people's exposure to stage theater would be in the form of local, small-profile productions. Local light theater associations, and high school plays. Recording and photography are very strictly prohibited from these productions, for reasons including licensing (it's complicated), and simply not distracting the participants.

If you've been dragged to several local theater productions, have you noticed anything interesting about how women (normal women) are usually cast as the leading "male" role? No pronoun changes, no character rewrites... Costume stuff seems to be up to the performer, they might dress a certain way, but they'll use the character's pronouns and stuff. But ever noticed how "male" characters in local nobody plays, tend to be played by irl women? Something to think about.

And nothing needs to be said about the HS drama people, that stuff's plainly visible from ten miles away.

Today we're so used to celebrities being, well, celebrated... But what has any bigname whoever done for you personally? Or your community, or people you know IRL? People love famous people, because they're broadcasted... Broadly. It's all in the words. The words explain themselves. Regular Joe and Jane Schmoe don't get any love or attention, because they're too busy going about their everyday lives, and they don't get any attention from the news, except once in a lifetime, for a few minutes or a short column on a paywalled local newspaper site.

Nov 28 2020