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Brown is a color that probably doesn't get thought of, much. It's often regarded as, well, a boring color. Wood, dirt, typical boring stuff.

Technology Connections: Brown; Color is Weird

That's a very popular video that pretty much says all that needs to be said, about how you see "brown" on a black screen. Or even on an overhead projector with an acetate sheet. It's actually dim orange with some other lights mixed in.

The nicer thoughts of brown are of things like coffee, chocolate, trees, etc. The shimmering brilliant blue of a blue morpho's wings, is an illusion. The scales are actually inherently brown colored, but do some amazing thing. That doesn't "evolve", God made it that way!

A curious thing is how, in certain lighting conditions, like if there's a lot of UV light, brown things might visually appear to be purple. Even cameras pick this up. You see a squirrel or a moose in your yard one crazy bright summer day, the animal appears to be purple! How neat is that!

The biggest ponder I have, is how a digital camera perceives this color so similarly to a human eye. But then again, if what we're told about rods and cones is true, I guess we see... light. in our heads. But here's a curious thing about our vision, we do NOT get a direct immediate feed. What we see is delayed, because it passes through our brains first. Brains are kind of big jerks.

You ever see a red dot on the top right of your computer screen? If you're concerned about seeing a big white hat, do you see hat-shaped white blobs in the corner of your vision, where there are actually none? Brains do weird things to your vision. That's something to think about.

On bright summer days, I just have to go out and appreciate simple things, like old seed pod husks. They look brown at a glance, but on closer inspection, you see bits of iridescence. Sometimes the hair dangling in my face shines with a touch of iridescence. It's the little details like that, that make me appreciate eyes. Well, and other things, yeah.

Nov 30 2020