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Telephones, postage, email... Anything that would fall under those categories.

Remember landline phones being default? Or even when cell phones got real popular, how many phone calls did you get each and every single day? How many calls did you get from strangers that talk about cars you don't have, or credit cards you don't have? They just blindly assume you have credit cards and are in debt.

Tangent!! About credit card debt, this is secondhand stuff people say, but I've heard that if some oldie racks up tons and tons of CC 33 debt and then croaks, his/her children, who had nothing to do with said debt, and in fact would tell their parent to quit buying things they don't need, would start getting hounded by the CC 33 company. The company would insist that the next of kin had inherited debt, and since the original spender is dead, their children have to pay.

What group of people holds that belief. What group of people is extra-special obsessed with moneymoneymoney, and believes strongly in inherited debt, and "sins of the fathers". You know who.

Back on Communicae, so how about snail mail? It's slowed down a lot, but before email became more standard, how many pieces of junk mail vs legit actual mail would a person receive? How many automated form letters, and sterile boring print with "hello yourname yourname yourname", with sensitive info. How many garishly colored letters with "yourname yourname yourname" printed in tacky "handwriting esque" fonts would guilt trip the recepient, in hopes of receiving moneymoneymoney?

What's in your email inbox. Form shit and moneymoneymoney shit, or real actual typed letters, written by people who actually care about you?

IRL, people seldom talk to each other as much as they used to in increments of 5 years. Every 5 years, you can look back and see how much colder, more distant, less human everyone has become.

Who talks to you IRL? Nervous, jittery strangers with awkward boners who only talk to you in vain hopes that you'll sleep with them? They approached you cuz they think they have a chance to get in your pants, not because they care about who you are as a person. If they cared about you, they'd have spoken to you before about common interests. Then again, they'll fake interests in hopes of finding someone who doesn't question why all the "men" have big hips and short arms.

Or if not that, they're going to ask for donations or try to guilt trip you. Same thing. They want a good or service from you, they're not speaking out of genuine interest and connection. They only want something you can give them, they don't care about your well-being.

How about interaction restrictions? How many people are disallowed by their jealous "significant others", who will get super angry about their house slave talking to another person of the same age group and opposite gender. People are supposed to talk. And many relationships are just flat-out bogus, and those people shouldn't be together. (Arranged marriages are alive and well in the USA. "Shotgun weddings" are a cover for arranged marriages.)

People should be writing letters to each other, even to give a paper letter in hand, for IRL encounters. People should write actual real emails to people they care about. People should call friends on the phone, during appropriate hours. There's not enough of this.

Although, I used to always dread getting a call from certain narcissistic "family members", but now I can just hang up on whoever I like. Just because you're "related to" some narcissists, doesn't mean you have to put up with them, or remember they exist.

But most of all, face to face IRL interactions. Say hi to a stranger. Ask someone if they need help. Strike up a conversation. People long for interaction with meaning. People just retreat into videoland and escapism, but if your roof is burning and falls down on you, you can't escape to outerspacedinosaurland. You can make a huge difference in someone's life, just by saying hi to them, and seeing them as a person, not a moneybag or glorified sex toy. Genuine interest in who they are and their experiences, what they have to say, what they'd like to do. The new, different things real people can bring to the table.

Altruism is just about extinct these days, but there's some good folks out there looking to make a difference.

Empty Internet

Already went over this in "Fake Money". Even before the web became the incomprehensible dumpster fire of hideous BS it is today, there were bots and "special" agents using common platforms, to generally keep real users of those platforms lost, confused, and under surveillance. Back on LiveJournal, "memes" weren't just idiotic image macros that extra-dumb people obsessed over, but were questionnaires.

A "meme" questionnaire would start circulating over social media platforms like DeviantART and LiveJournal, definitely more platforms, and the people who'd fill them out and post theirs, would tag 3-5 other people to do the same. This was just a surveillance tool that dumbass idiot teens would jump on, to prove how "quirky" and "different" and "not average!!" they were.

And yes, this shit with real girls identifying as "boys" (... what a twisted, convoluted irony. The "boys" were just girls with peepees the whole time) and SJW dangerhaired, toy-obsessed, "pleasures self to children's cartoons" group of likeminded individuals, had their origins in 2004 LiveJournal and its clones, like JournalFen. They never faded away, and all neon-haired genderdumb muh pronouns teen girls, are just carrying on their tradition.

Quit being a dumbass right now, and delete Discord.

Anyway, today most commenters on all platforms are bots and shills. Already covered that.

Dec 03 2020