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Reindeer are a very familiar animal to me, although admittedly I don't have in-depth knowledge of them.

Fun fact, Santa's reindeer are all does. That's why they have feminine names. In winter, caribou females keep their antlers and are thus charged with defending the herd for that time. And why do they fly? Something foggy about a ritual where reindeer would consume amanita muscaria (those suck, don't eat them, it's not worth it.) and the uhh... folks would collect the urine and drink it, and get "high" (more like drunk or something, amanita muscaria is NOT psychoactive, but it is a deliriant). Or they'd drink a shaman's shroom piss.

What's so ponderable about reindeer? The fact that they're kind of in the public consciousness, however I keep being astounded at how wrong and incorrect they're usually portrayed. We've had search engines for like 25 years, and even today, paid artists whose job it is to make christmas cards, put a white-tailed deer on christmas cards. It's ridiculous, this isn't arcane secret knowledge.

Reindeer are domestic caribou. Some people think they're as real as santa's elves, or oompa-loompas.

Main point: it's uncommon and mildly surprising when media portrays reindeer as caribou instead of whitetail or something. It's a long established fact that reindeer are elk, but all these hundreds or thousands of artists making christmas media, all portray them as something else.

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Nov 28 2020