Consider the Sky

Consider the Sky

Dec '20 entry

Dug up a few choice old videos of stars. Might possibly have more.

Also I should find some of those choice firmament pics.

Jan 2021

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Heaven on Earth: TPTB have really massively ramped up weather manipulation. How often do you hear about "ice wizards", "wizard blizzards", wizards summoning ice storms or thunder storms? You see those weird "planes" or even finless silver canisters that rocket through the sky? Leaving a trail that stretches out into some iridescent smear that looks like tire tracks? Didn't see those back in the 90's. Old photos and movies tend to get "digitally remastered!!" and have those sky trails edited in, when they were absent in the originals.

The sky has been lowering. Curiously, the Bible talks about the sun shining sevenfold (today), the moon shining like the sun (today) OR not giving her light (2018's streaks of the moon being ABSENT, or super duper special edition raspberry papa smurf moon. Now there's "moving stars" (either angels or drones, but drones are slow, blink, and you can see them fly slowly away. They can be silent, but angels are FAST), the stars not giving their light (today), the Quickening of Days (hooo boy)... But I don't recall the Bible mentioning the sky LOWERING... But think of "Chicken Little", freaking out over the "sky falling". But then the fox who secretly worked for the shadow controllers, humored Chicken and then vored him before the Chicken could keep blowing the whistle.

Bringing Heaven on Earth, in light of the sky lowering and coming closer and closer... Perhaps that wasn't some "oh make everyone nicey nice nice and we're all ghosts with wings and sonic rings" thing, but perhaps something that's making the sky lower. IDK what goes on up there, but there's an iridescent layer of the Firmament, that got altered or added after the Great Flood, allowing Rainbows to happen. There might be several layers to the Firmament, because I'm pretty sure that behind the innermost, iridescent layer, there's also a wall that contains some glowy gas, that the Sun, Moon, and Morning Star are also full of. The Morning Star is NOT a glittery white/red/blue flashy "diamond" star (I need to make a page...), but is like the sun and moon. It probably doesn't have any temperature properties. The Sun and Moon both have that gas present in Firmament's daylight layer and M-star, but the Sun is hot and the Moon is cold... The questions keep piling up how the same glowing gas can be present in the hot and cold lamps alike.

Also those things are electrical. In the morning, they glow orangey until 4 hours later, they're fully white hot or cold. In the evening, their power gets cut and they afterglow back down to orange, until they get powered back up the following day. Also, "wandering stars" are on tracks, as the Sun and Moon are on tracks, and after the night is over, the wandering stars are repositioned just like the Sun and Moon are... Okay this is complicated, and someone else really figured out how the moon phases and sun position works, and it's very mechanical in nature. But they seem to be given new starting points and then just turned on to rotate to their final positions for their day or night, and the next day, they get a new starting position... It's like a watch. Yeah.

Anyway, looks like "diamond stars" (who have glitter mode and static idle mode, where they don't do anything and are just dim white) are on some separate layer, track stars are on another layer and might sync with sun and moon, m-star, IDK how that's positioned. When it turns on, it's hazy orange and eventually white, and seems to signify where the moon will be deactivated.

If you don't have too much weather manip and trailing in your area, just watch the night sky as much as possible, and pay attention. You're going to notice very, VERY consistent things that school lied to you about.

So, somehow... You know how rubber or metal can be heated up to become pliable and malleable, but when they're cold they're brittle or firm? Temperature changes properties, and water is an ANOMALY. We think nothing of water, but it's a super alien substance that no other material is like. It can purify stuff, so long as it's not oversaturated. It's inherently cold, but it's also non-viscious! When water is cold, BAM it's solid. No in between. No other material is like that. None. Also, rocks can't be melted. Lava is molten GLASS. Volcanoes are a very symbolic hoax. They're not real, but they have some meaning to them.

In addition to getting lower, the sky has also gone from a deep dark blue even in daytime (remember daylight comes from the firmament layer, sunlight is hot and comes from the sun! That's why the insane overbright moon doesn't give daylight. That layer of the firmament is not powered at night!) - to the very very pale blue we see today, if there's no fake clouds.

About clouds real fast, they seem to be more than just gaseous water. They seem to be electrical and have their own special properties. They can turn pink routinely, where they - no joke - glow pink, with their own power (electricity), in the morning or evening. IDK how it works, but it's very routine and predictable. The sun's light might possibly have something to do with it, like how "glow in the dark" materials need to be charged up against a light source. But these are pink instead of yellow-green. Lightning and thunder comes from clouds. Rain, snow, and hail comes from clouds. Rainbows are hard to see without hazy clouds. It's very rare to see a rainbow without clouds. Rainbows are also weird anomalies, but this is about clouds and I'm arbitrarily limiting my rambles, because sex-inversion ramble got here first, then star ramble, and now clouds are too late.

Dec 15 2020