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Unicorns are spammed as a forced "joke" about "har har, how outrageous, a white horse with a rainbow mane, twisted spire horn, and glitter and magic poop". They're the go-to shorthand for "fantastical thing that isn't real". And at the same time, we're constantly bombarded with imagery promoting apes, dinosaurs, koalas, great white sharks, pangolins, flying fox bats, and the like. So many hoaximals, some more forced than others.

But there's a common saying about Unicorns and Giraffes:

This is where your instincts come in, what is naturally and logically RIGHT and sensible. The same way you use your eyes and logic to determine who are baffos and who are humans, you also figure out what else is true or false.

Equines don't have horns, and they only have one digit per limb. Unicorns have horns, like bovids, beards, those lionish tails, and cloven hooves. And you KNOW from there, they also chew cud and moo.

Unicorns are heavily symbolic these days. Perhaps they've long been eradicated, or if they still exist, they're kept secret. Notice in the gallery of classical depictions (which I can't verify, but at least they're not white/rainbow glitter horses with party hats), they do come across as believable breeds and patterns of bovids. Some even have a rear-pointing horn. There's some horn variability, and notice also how these ones aren't glittering, shooting out magic beams, or pooping ice cream (Yeah, magical sparkle coprophagia imagery with unicorns is also very, very popular these days...)

I'm not gonna bother with the party horseys, because those are just mockery. They're usually white colored, as white is associated with angels (who glow with a harsh, sharp white light), white is likewise associated with castrati (ironically, but color symbolism is a page for another day) - notice how castrati are given "angel" character roles, and wear white clothes. Castrati and unicorns are associated, but here's another weird thing... It's convoluted, like the classic spiral imagery, and confusion, and "baffling" (baffle = baphomet).

For all unicorns are associated with castrati, what's weird is the symbol of the Unicorn often represents a NOT castrato, as in NOT Swyer. Swyer's testicles remain inside, in the position of ovaries (as above, so below, reflections, parallels, men have nipples, women have clits), and outwardly they have hideous roast beef abominations. But when cult-reared MfF DON'T have vaginas, that means they are NOT hermaphrodites, and therefore they have the package, and they are cisgendered MALES. Lads. "Boy" and "girl" don't appear in the Bible, and those appear to be "goat words" (like "kid" for humanoid child) (Boy: billy, Girl: jill, except the "dzh" became "guh" somehow)...

So there's tuckers, who do NOT have Swyer syndrome, but they'll pretend that they do, and swear up and down that they're "girls girls girls girls" while they got their junk shoved up their pelvic cavity and held in place with tape or something. Yes, they actually do that. YES THEY ACTUALLY DO THAT. Why do you think God's going to burn these freaks.

So anyway, the horn is phallic, perhaps some nefarious people overhunted unicorns to extinction so they could powder down that horn into some boner potion... GEE I WONDER WHO WOULD DO THAT. Rhinos are probably a hoaximal, they're orange-flags all over, and elephants are hella suspicious, but these stories about tusked mammals (also Walruses are hoaxes. Repeat: WALRUS = HOAXIMAL. Also Narwhals, but those are known about) - being hunted for their ivory. So there's 2 very suspicious tusked species, two confirmed hoax species, and one "har har what a fantasy, they're not real" meme partyhat horse, except it's actually a bovid

... And likewise, real men that aren't bundlesofsticks are MEGA RARE. Like they're not even 1/10,000 of the population. If there's any man with a package, there are 3 possibilities:
1: He's wearing a dress, got his junk shoved up his bum, got fake tits, SKREE SKREE, wearing makeup, face and ribcage butchered to the point where he looks like a zombie
2: He's married to a cartoon character, or some Swyer keeps getting him drunk and making him do degrading things (Swyers specifically target men)
3: He might be married to a real women. But for every man that has a woman, there's like 5 that are married to a make-believe furry, or they've trooned out.

I know of 5 MEN!! that started off normally, and now they're wearing drag and getting smashed on booze, opiates, meth... But the most prominent thing, they're all wearing dresses now.

So that's how the Unicorn represents Man. Once a normal, commonplace, standard tan or brown or black bovid with a horn that points wherever, now its image has been replaced with a joke party horse. The same way Men barely exist. Unicorns are associated with swyers, but they're used to represent real actual lads and men.

Anyway. Notice how a few unicorns pictured, have a rear-pointing horn. Those might have been Asian variants. The Chinese dragon-horse (There's this whole thing about dragon hybrids, which include elephants and tigers), the kilin / kirin / zhi, has a rear-pointing horn. The front-pointing horned ones are probably European.

As for the "white, rainbow, glitter" ones, I think the white goes with the usual "castrato angel costume", the rainbow symbolizes the post-flood alteration to the inner Firmament layer (God made it iridescent), and the glitter symbolizes rain. Before the Great Flood, there were abominations of mixed life forms made. Today that's still done. The rainbow has also been appropriated as a symbol to mock God with, because in addition to making chimeras back then, people were all kinds of filthy perverts. And who wears the rainbow with arrogance and mockery today.

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Jan 08, 2021