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Foodfight, Thief & Cobbler original, Toy Story Black Friday Script, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon & Wizard of Oz Sync, Paul is Dead, Cannibal Holocaust,
Go for a Punch, Elsagate, A Day with Spongebob Squarepants, Simpsons Webcam Video, Tulpas, Stanely Kubrick & Apollo connection, George Lucas rewriting History, Sesame Street: Witch, Cracks, Black Market 8,
Spring PictureMail, "Rings" on Youtube, Back to the Future coding, Spielberg ET coding, Wizard of Oz MK Ultra, Wizard of Oz Hanging Munchkin, Coraline MKUltra, Alice in Wonderland MKUltra,
Lost Movies, Destroyed Tapes, Predictive Programming in Mass Media, "There's No Business Like Show Business",
Lost silent horror films
Jan 2021