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I spent long enough fiddling with the berg tier colors, so I'm not gonna try to make it darker and spookier. It's light green. DWI.

The image had 12 tiers... I only played a couple TES games... If you wonder why some phrases are bleeped, it's to avoid trouble.

Connections to Bethesda Fallout are obvious. I'm keeping a lookout for common threads in other medias.

Many entries in the lists are in-game flavor lore books.

Companions are Werewolves, Dragon War, Talos fake god, Markarth Incident, Fallout, Psijic Order, Elder Scrolls Prophecies, Grey Fox, Dwemer Disappearance, Marobar Sul is Gorim Felim, Transcription Errors, Ulfric Stormcloak Thalmor Agent, Levitation Act, Potema made Pelagius Insane, Greate Collapse Conspiracies, Cannons, Chimer, Missing god, Curio Plagiarist, Dragon cult, Helseth murdered King Llethan, Daedric Ritual Abuse, the Monomyth, Moon Phases, Night of the Green Flames, Tribunal Killed Nerevar, Heartstones, White-Gold Concordat, Oblivion Crisis was an Inside Job, Nerevarine an Imperial Agent, M'aiq, Cameron's Son, Gothryd betrayed Lysandus, Baar Dau (also inside job), Forsworn Conspiracy, Arcturian Heresy, the Fairie Chain, Alessian Year, Ayleids, Khajit are Elves, The Anuad, Sixth House Cults, Not actually 7000 steps, Yneslea, Hero of Kvatch is Sheogorath, Underground Falmer Colonies, The Bloodmoon Prophecy, Versidue-Shaie killed Reman III, Titus Mede II not present at Red-Ring, Goblin Slave Armies, Cloven Duality, Altmer Baby Killing, Khajit Fur Trade, Greybeards hiding Dragon, Sumurset Mythical Beasts, the Book of Fate, Artaeum, Giants are Orcs, Star-Wound, Amaund Motierre, Karthwasten Massacre, Gray Cowl,
Falmer Wispmothers, Thalmor Eugenic Purges, Soul Trade, Fort Dawnguard built for Harkon, Thu'um Divayth Fyr still alive, the Old Ways, Sload Soap made from Sload, Headless Horseman, Memory Stones, Giant Mudcrabs, Azure Plasm, Secret Tunnels under White-Gold, Skyforge, Hidden Imperial Archives, How did Daggerfall get its name?, End of Times cult, Female Giants, Meteoric Glass, Alessia's burial place, Doppelganger Heirs, Lorkhan Demiurge, Ideal Masters, Bosmer are part-human, Nords actually from Skyrim, the Serpent Constellation, Dunmer genealogy, Racial phylogeny, Wine-knives, Numidiumism, Humans were always on Tamriel, Sword-singing, Rieklings are actually Snow Elves, Mournhold City built over Dwemer City over Daedric City, Sutch, the Dragon Break, Anumidium Blueprints, Wasabi Trade, Celestials, Ehlnofex, Guardian signs, Knahaten B__logical W_rfare, Augur of Dunlain, Minotaurs, Nirn testing ground for Transcendence, Warp in the West / Second Numidium Effect, Self-Reflection, Fal Droon, Illusion of Death, Protonymics, Temple Zero / Null Manifesto, Sotha Sil City location, the Shezarrine, Soul-Gem immortality, Ankh,
Xanmeers, N'Gasta K'vata Kvakis, Nords were Giants, the Last Dragonborn is Talos, Muatra is benis, Briar-Heart Lorkhanic Reenactment, Titus Mede II is a Thalmor Doppelganger, the Trial of Vivec, Reavers from the North, Abagarlas, Lizardmen Hist-less Argonians, Ancestor Moths, Triangled Truth, Ancestor Worship, World-Eating, the Secret of the Ooze, Prophecy Writing, the Elven Forces, Dwemer Ghosts, the Halls of Colossus, Mantling, Tiber's Purges, Shalidor Lost Writing, Black Books, House Raathim / Mora, Talos = Lorkhan, An-Xileel, Tamriel Technological Degeneration Theory, Wulf, Wilderking, the Book of Hours, Mannimarco is not the King of Worms, Battlespires, Sunbirds, Naked Nords, House Dres Vampires, Arkved's Void, the Dreamsleeve, Pyandonea is Aldmeris, Portal to Shivering Isles in the Niben, Emperor Zero, Thalmore killed the Mane, Arniel's Endeavor, Alsmeris never existed, Sumurset Isle is actually a part of Thras, Infinitely Large Planetoids, Kalpas, Satakal, Wayrest Secret Painting Message, Anumidi Models, Cybiades, Yokudan Chronology, the Red Templars, Two-Tiber Theory, Magicka = energy of existence, Dro'Zira, Stars 3D skydome, Blades Secret Bloodlines, Arden sul, From the Many-Headed Talos, Hist Biological Supercomputers,
Calaxes tried to stop Jagar Tharn, Portal to Sovngarde, Altmeric Commentary on Talos..., Creatia, Dro'Jizad, Hist Sap Massacres, the Scroll of Adompha, Aedra are Evil, Nords don't have Souls, Thalmor did Void Nights, Yokuda never sank, Magickal Language, Martin Mantled Akatosh, Skar, Monotheism, Konahrik = Glamoril, Emperor from the West, Unstars, Dwemer language encrypted, Daedric Lorkhan, Myth-Echoes, Mudcrabs can speak, Talos ate all the Dragons, Tonal Architecture, Siege of Alinor, the Eye of Argonia, the Walking Ways, Twelve Worlds of Creation, the Towers, the Secrets of the Moons, Reman Empire front for Akaviri takeover, White-Gold is Molag Bal temple, Mirror-Logicians, University of Gwylim, Time-traveling books, Zero-sum, Ninth Era Eye of Magnus, the Psijic Endeavor, Hist trying to enslave the world, the Tower, Jungled Cyrodil (Mandela?), Sload trying to destroy Dreamsleeve?, Daedrons and Aedrons, the Wheel, the Ruling King, PSJJJJ, Eternal Champion = Ocato, Lyg (Alternate Tamriel), Barbed Penises, Aperture Piercing, Adjacent Places, Neonymics, the Arena Ur-words, the Hurling Disk, Akatosh "Dragon-Dragon",
Lorkhan's purposeful failure, the World-Egg, the Khajit Tower, Dunmer Hist slaves, the Grabbers, AE, Yokudans from a different Kalpa, Shezarr became Akatosh, the Monkey-Truth, Red Moment, the Provisional House, Alandro Sul, Demonic ALMSIVI, CHIM, Skaal Secrets, Sound of the Moons, the World's Teeth, Dagoth Ur's endgame, Pelinal time-traveling robot, Reymon Ebonarm = Reman, the Enantiomorph, Third Moon, the Walkabout, White-Gold Twoer Universal Doomsday devices, Jiub was the Nerevarine, House Dwemer, When Dead Gods Dream, Khajit ended the Merethic Era, Parabolic Kalpa, Sithis: Secret Lesson of Vivec, Bendu Olo, Trinimac still lives, the Aedra are dead, Divath Fyr was the Battlemage, Three Talins, The Underking killed Pelagius I, Tsaesci Goa'uld, Lunar currency, Historical star inconsistencies, Mnemoli / Star Orphans, Bosmer Hircine worship, Septimus Signus zero summed, The Soft Doctrine of Magnus Invisible, Abnegaurbic Creed, Dunmereth, Fifteen and One golden tones, Ideal Masters are god of Worms remnant, Sermon 37, Flying Whales Joy-Snow, Mankar = Jagar Thorn, Sharmat, Pankratos Sword, Landfall, Cylarne,
Altmeri Poetic-Architecture, Megalomoths, Dreugh undersea cities, Possipoints / Impossipoints, Night Mother is Mephala, the Oghma, Sovngarde on the Moon, Misanthropic space, Tharnatos, Continental Time, the Marukhati Selective, Prime-Gestalt, the Jills, Versidue-Shaie still lives, Molag Bal destroyed Tamriel, Seekers and Ascended Sleepers, Ordained Receptacle, Varliance+, Rorikstead, Sovngarde Shor's Kalpic Army, World Refusals / Anti-Creation, Mathematical Athleticism, Many-Ysgramors Theory, Crux of Transcendence, Aedric Artifacts are Sentient, Paleonumerology, Jagar Tharn was actually the good guy, Aldmeris was real (in my mind), Vivec murdered Moraelyn, Divine Skin / Dwemer Absorbicide, the Dream, True Nords are all bandits, Sotha Sil's Last Words..., Deep Ones, Nirnroots mini-towers, the Loveletter from the Fifth Era, Kagrenac possessed Dagoth Ur, Cuhlecain Reman bloodline, Cyrodil Spread to the Stars, Vivec's Antlers, Anti-CHIM theory, Z Centrex, Thalmor Jyggalag worship, Dibella = Y'ffre the Void Ghost, House Cats actually Khajit Spies, TEM, the Athedorix Conundrums, Aetherius Dream Visitation, Revelation at the Death of Alesh, Ur-You, the Empire actually fell in 417, Coldharbour is the remains of Lyg, Falmer White-Soul experiments,
Reman II born of a cow / various, Warhaft, Tattermedalion Moon Colony, Tamriel = Farshores, Dwemer really were Dwarves, Water is Memory, Crassius Curio time-traveler, Republic of Hahd, Leaper Demons, Zero Stone, Drowned Lamp, Tiber Septum awoke Dagoth Ur, Akatosh's Shadow, the People of Et'Ada, Dwemer became Animunculi, Left-Handed Maormer, Skyrim getting colder, Khajit not even Ehlnofeic, Anti-Magick Zones, the Greedy Man, Vvardenfell Lesbianism anomaly, Prism Textract, Ruptga, Elder Council world control, Tiber Septum shape-shifting dragon, Xal, Insane time-god, Staff of Unity and Chaos, Dracochrysalis, Telescopic Aurbis, Gaenor is Sai, Haskill is the actual Mad god, Moraelyn = Nerevar, Tsaesci Vampiric Language-Eating Shapeshifters, the Scarab's Transformation, Trinimalarkay, King Dead-Wolf Dear, Multiple Underkings, Thot box, Baar Dau is Shit, Nu-Hatta, Talos brought back dragons, Lyg's Numidium, Dawn Ideological w_rfare, Vivec destroyed Yokuda, Ayrenn KINMUNE, Tigers = Guars, Mora is a failed Elder Scroll, SITHISIT, Khajit tattoo theft, Mythopoeia, Dragons biological time-machines, Argonian tits, the Elven Lie,
Hasphat Antabolis, Elf sightings, Sea gods, the Last War, Continent pushing, gods are imaginary, Arnotelicon, the Calling, Chimeri-Quey, Everything said about Talos is true, Tigers = Dragons, Everything Vivec says is a lie, Reman heard Pelinal, the Tribunal never actually Existed, Orc tits, the New Man, Reman Rape-Baby, Reachman Anarcho-Primitivism, Turd Helmets, Dreughs = Dragons, C0DAs, Alessia created dragons, Chari Stacking / Furniture Speaks, Thalmor worship Aldmeris, Dreugh are Elves, Almalexia fucked everyone except Nerevar, Quantum Akaspirits, Tomorrowind, Second Pocket Guide to the Empire, Numinatus PhD, Jagar Tharn is Tsaesci, the Right Reaching Orgnum destroyed Aldmeris, Giant swirls, Skylamps, Almalexia-Underking connection, Kier-Jo, Amaranth Anon Anu, CHIM by Skooma, YR founded 4E Thalmor, Vivec killed Tiber Septim, Arius, the Parliament of Craters, Lost Twil, Thalmor time control, the Striking or Exact-Egg Cracking, Wilderland, Sentient Thras, Sermon Zero, Ebony-Listening-Frame, Hist-Jillian Wars,
Coldharbour / Clockwork Tamriel, the Crimson Ship, Storming of the Citadel, Altmeri formwars, Yagrum Bargarn made Numidium, Sons of Hora, Kaleidocules, Ayeleids bird-people, Dragon Tusks, Lorkhans's Heart, the Egg of Time, Khajit lactate genetic memory, The Prisoner, the 82nd Crodo, City of Rockcreek, Atmora-Aldmeris Inversion, 1008 Weapons of Rapture, Thalmor UFOs, Tiber and Harald die at 108, Adamantia Scroll Rocket, the Ghartoki, Thalmor and Jyggalag, Motheaters, Klecksographic Lyg, Ha-Note = Mehrunes Dagon, Zurin Arctus is Versidue Shaie, King's Cough, the Catalyst, Tsaescence, Hero of Kvatch = Pelinal Whitestrake, Amiel Arctus, Falmer = Hermafied Humans, Invisible Dragons, The space gods, Uriel V, Otherkin, Vehkships, Vivec extreme daddy issues, Alien Ayleids, Insect god, Suicide Trolls, Ark'ay = Arnand the Fox = Zurin Arctus, Dwarf-Orc Theory, Tosh Raka, Worn and Weathered Note, TalOS (virus),
King of Worms = Underking, 500 Companions were all Dragons, Dreamer can't wake up, Fargoth's Ring, Xrib, Master Redshift, Reman Cum-Crackers, Dwemer Misinterpretation, Magnus' Regret, New Akavir Amaranth, Tamriel A Song, Reman Expedition to the Center of Nirn, The Eight Mantelled the Dreamer, the Digitals, Cherim's Forgotten Tapestries, Scroll Vault under White-Gold, Nords Inter-Kalpic Lyg World-Eaters, Morgiah's First, Dunmer were Dwemer, Thalmor Engineered LDBs birth, Marukhati created Tamriel, Anu Amnesia / Remorse, Meridia is Lorkhan's Lover, Akatosh = Nirn = Oblivion, Sotha Sil's Daughter, Toddhead, Mantellan portal in Illiac, Azura Hotel, Hist Dream-Matrix, Plot Device realm, Dwarves are Dwarven Metal,
Al-Marugh, Moon Cum Vaults, ManniMAKATOSH, CHIM Quantum Witness, the Heimskr Dreamsleeve Broadcast, Romanelli, Tiber Septim was an Orc, "Watch the Sky...", the Blind god, "the Confession of Boma Kuro, 143", "Your House is Safe now...", Trans-Amaranthian Travel, Bug Jar Inscriptions, Dwemer created our universe, Mokofa's Theorem, Hist Antithetical Amaranth, Section 22,
Mudcrabs run world economy, NightMara, Gemile, Reman Tsaesci Gangbang, Talin Amaranth, the Pig, Uriel VII's daughter, The Abortion or The Black One, House Redoran gravity control, the Fargoth Cycle,


Most Icebergs have red herring / joke entries included with real stuff.

"Barbed Penises" cuz catfolk. BTW, what if the Khajit and Argonians have a connection with "Lyran" ("catfolk people aliens"), and Argonians with "space reptilian humanoid shapeshifters"? Continuing that line of thought, then Nords would be equivalent to "nordic aliens", Redguard are Moorish - Arabic influence, and the Akaviri were a para-Japanese-ish culture said to be extinct in lore. Dwarves are also said to be extinct in lore. The Imperials are Roman, and the Bretons are Franco-Anglo.

TES Orcs are people characters, not mindless chaotic-evil enemies. They had an ancient city called "Orcinium", that kept being destroyed and rebuilt. In the games, they have stronghold villages.

IIRC, "Zero Summing" is when a TES character realizes they're a video game character in a made up fantasy setting. The lore gets very meta, and something about it being framed as the elaborate, long-running dream of a giant diety. When a character "realizes they're fictional", they "zero sum" and delete themselves from their reality, or perhaps they ascend and leave that plane, IDK.

Soul Gems are pink crystals that fill up with souls of various sizes. More powerful beings have bigger souls. Weak beings have petty souls. People characters have "black souls", that can fit into a Black Soul Gem, or a Grand Pink Soul Gem. Other medias feature souls / entities / whole people being trapped inside crystals.

There's a Memory Stone in the Mother / Earthbound Series.

"Suicidal Troll" probably refers to the joke dead troll with a note, floating in the waters in TES4 Oblivion, which takes place in Cyradil. He was "a lousy troll" and couldn't get anyone to pay his troll toll, or something. Maybe I should make an IASIP 'berg if I find one to rip off from.

Nirn is the world the games take place in. Tamriel is a continent. Skyrim, Cyradil, Elsewyr, Black Marsh, Daggerfell, Hammerfall, etc. are countries.

Jungled Cyrodil: in early development for TES4, or before then, Cyradil was said to be "a jungle environment", and the Wood Elves are said to come from jungles and be related to the Khajit. But in the final TES4, Cyradil was a standard European environment, not a jungle. How many fantasy genre games need to be in European / Northern North American environments?? They should have gone with the Jungle, it'd be unique and not ultra-generic.


Jan 13, 2021