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Casual Lifter
Powerbuilding, Calisthenics, HIIT, SL, SS, 3x10, Veganism, Keto, Intensity for size,
Pro Lifter
Tabata, LISS, Freeclimber grip strenght, Colorado experiment, Volume for size, Crunches vs Sit-ups,
"dat guy"
Glute bridge vs Squat, Changed military fitness tests, 1960s Karati vs Muay Thai championship, Hafthor mitt work, Rippetoe cuck fanfics, Spot reduction is real,
Climbers can't do pull-ups, Smoker's Lung doesn't exist, Yoga is European, Barbells are a Communist invention, Vitamin D penis enlargement,
All sports are rigged, Brown-Sequard elixer of youth, Jiu Jitsu is German, Mitochondria key to aging, All famous bodybuilders are Jewish,
What is he doing
German volume training, Hidden effects of garlic, Plyometrics aren't plyometric, 1x3, Bread before agriculture, Overtraining causes schizophrenia,
Voodoo Science
Curing diabetes with sugar, Lost Wehrmacht fitness manuals, 2000 BC sports science, Vitamin B as steroid alternative, Amateur boxers beat pro boxers,
Left humanity behind
Jesuit martial arts [DNR], Smoking raises testosterone, Nerve force, Markus Ruhl farting, Prehistoric European acupuncture,
Jan 13, 2021