Iceberg List

Pffff it's F&G.

The Won't List

Outer space is mandatory to include in children's programming, Alien characters are token
When you think about "alien life" in media, it's all reskinned earthlings... well look at "photos" of "earth". Disney Pluto on "planetoid Pluto",
hey why do all the ass-tro-nots look like the opposite sex from what they claim to be? plus their stories don't line up. Planets are named for Greco-Roman "gods", but one's a fart joke, Werner Von Braun's gravemarker,
there's no place like space!!, "Nasha" means "to deceive" in Hebrew, "NASA" with the red V "snake tongue" is an anagram of "Satan",
why bother.

Terrible Writing Advice applies logic to Fictional Alien Ecosystems
WVB gravemarker

"Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement".
Jan 2021