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Pokemon Gen1&2 Iceberg

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
Gold, Silver, Crystal.
Uhh I guess there's also... anime and card game crap and stuff like that... or something.



Missingno, M'block, Legendary Bird Naming Convention, Ancient Mew, Shiny Pokemon, Ash's Coma, Ho-Oh in first ep of anime, Truck by SS Anne, Glitch City, Pokemon World based on Real World, Mew under Truck, Ho-Oh gives Ash eternal Youth, Pokemon Satanic Conspiracy, Missingno and Hall of Fame Data, Missingno's Hall of Fame Song, Yellow's Venus Song, Charizard Favoritism, Unown Music,


Where is the Door, Jynx origin & controversy, Gengar is Clefable's Shadow, Muk Backwards, Porygon in Anime, Porygon not responsible for seizures, Pikablu, Bill's Secret Garden, Diglett's Body, Ho-Oh made Ash immortal, Gen 1 Alolan Exeggutor, Voltorbs are Pokeballs possessed by Haunters, Buried Alive, Ash's Father, GS Ball (anime), Missingno & M', Eating Pokemon, Donphan (cameo in first movie), Human/Pokemon relationships, Kadabra are Human Children, Capsule Monsters, Eevee is genetically unstable, Missingno's Hall of Fame Song, Yellow's Venus Song, Dunsparce is Big, Furret is Big, Butterfree is Big, Sabrina's Doll, Unown Numbers Station, Gary and Blue co-exist, Gastly is a dead Cloyster, What's inside of the PC and Pokeballs, Apricorns, Psyduck is a Platypus, Staryu and Starmie are aliens,


ZZAZZ, Cooltrainer, Venus, Lavender Town Syndrome, White Hand, Blue's Raticate Dies, Ditto is a failed Mew Clone, Buried Alive, the Kanto War, Bird Type, all legit G1 Farfetch'd are named "Dux", all legit G1 Mr. Mimes are named "Marcel", Jigglypuff are descended from Clefairy, Fairy types came from the Moon, Gen 1 Shiny Hunting, Impostor Oak, Silent Hills, GS Ball (game), Professor Oak Battle (G1), Lt. Surge's War, Lavender Town Music, Bill's Secret Garden, Pokerus (today), Azurill changes gender, Wobbuffet is the tail, Fishable statues (G1), Red jumped, Pokemon Black Creepypasta, Lost Silver, Celadon's Invisible PC (G1), Cut Pokemon became MissingNo, Original 190, Bugfighting, Paras Cordyceps, the Pokedex is written by Children, cut Wartortle Evolution, cut Babymons (G2), Togepi in Gen1, Hypno steals children, Bad Egg, Silver is Giovanni's son, Unown are Minor Deities, Lance's Dragonite, Fishable Statues, Gorochu, Gary and Blue co-exist, Silver in the Anime, Curse (move), ??? Type, Sound Type, Slowbro's Shellder cut Pokemon, Baby Doduo has Three Heads, Apricorns, Machoke's Muscles are tearing its skin, Teru-Sama, Staryu and Starmie are aliens, Mew is a Fetus, Beverages are better and cheaper than Potions, Crobat is descended from Aerodactyl,


Charizard 'M, Badges as Useable Key Items, Golduck & Psyduck name swap, Venonat & Butterfree swapped, Machoke & Golem's Exchange, Was Rhydon really the first Pokemon?, Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan, Ditto is a failed Mew Clone, Mewtwo in Bill's Lighthouse, Next Generations Foreshadowed, Water Type Warfare, Sega Pico, Mewthree, Red jumped, Marsh Badge is Soul Badge, Blue's Sprites are from Gold's Beta, Bike Shop Text Glitch, Cue Ball is a Skinhead, Herman Cain quotes in 2000 Movie, the Hooked Dragonite, Cooltrainer Nick Advanced AI, Yoshi (Nintendo Power April Fool's), Humans are Pokemon, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny are Pokemon Species, Shuckle is Snake Wine, Movie Promotes Abstinence (which one?), Tin Tower Reincarnations, What were the Legendary Beasts Originally?, Unown are Hiroshima Victims, Mewtwo = Giegue, GameFreak had APE Staff, Kadabra vs Uri Geller, Uri Geller Lawsuit, "Mirage" Plushies, Mirage Monsters, Poison Type Umbreon, Pokemon Fetuses for Sale, Pokemon Z, WaterBlue Version, Telefang, Nuclear Type, GS Ball, Yellow MissingNO, Original 190, Forbidden Takeshi Shudo Scripts, Bugfighting, Whips to tame Wild Pokemon, Hurry Get Away, Paras Cordyceps, the Pokedex is a lie, evolving Raichu, Togepi in Gen1, Bad Egg, Kangaskhan's Baby, Elite 4 is the government, Red's Purpose on Mt. Silver, Lance's Dragonite, Pikachu was a Tiger, Fishable Statues, Magikarp dies, King, Sound Type, Slowbro's Shellder cut Pokemon, what actually is Pokerus, Gold & Silver '95 Spaceworld Demo, Teru-Sama, MissingNo looks like map data, Brock is a medusa, Mew is a Fetus, Surfboard, Beverages are better and cheaper than Potions, Crobat is descended from Aerodactyl, Pidgey moveset glitch (G1),


TV show seizures not caused by epilepsy but another force, Burger King toy manufacturer Earthquake, Burger King Pokemon Container Recall, Adult Misty, Glitch City, G/S Ghost Girl lost quest*, Pokemon rewrites the Brain, Pokemon are Bedtime Stories, Unown are Nuke Victims, Luxor based on Kimba the White Lion, Victini is a Nuke, Pokemon Pink cancelled due to temporal leakage, the REAL first Pokemon, Pails of Water, Colorless Pokemon, Pokemon in the 1900s, Imakuni, Scrubbing Bubbles, Melee Sprout Tower, Ditto = Primordial Soup, Pokemon Delta Emerald, Owls aren't birds, Unown King, MOltres Zapdos ARTicuno, GBC Pokemon Picross, Pokemon are Sentient, Pokerus is Deoxys, Pokegods are Real, Pokerus (in 2000), Masterball Failure, Cooltrainer Nick Advanced AI, Diglett IRL, Unown are Hiroshima Victims, Dragonite is from Mother 2, Mewtwo is Giegue, Spaceworld '97 Prototype, Dokokashira (Where is the Door), Pokemon Brain Regions in Adults, Satoshi Tajiri Silenced, Sound Type, Pokegods, Lugia originated from Anime, Lugia alcoholism connection, Raikou beta pokedex screen (1998), uncatchable Medapod and Kakuna, Charizard 'M is the Cancel Button, Exploding Invisible Shiny Bulbasaurs,
Every leak is real, drying pan, jelly-filled donuts, Ash is his own dad,

Badges as Useable Key Items: Badges would be in the menu, and would function like a scythe, surfboard, skateboard, etc. Probably scrapped early on?

Exeggutor is based on the Jinmenju.

Dunsparce is a Bee Snake.

"Imakuni?" is some costumed person in the card game. Japan only.

Scrubbing Bubbles mascot is appropriated and made into a pokemon in the Manga.

Most legit sources say, Rhydon and then Kangaskhan are the first pokemon programmed in. Pokemon have index numbers that show what order they were programmed in. This is why Missingno might evolve to Rhydon or Kanga. Another theory is that since all the Missingnos are cut pokemon, one was the "marowak that's supposed to turn into kangaskhan".

In the Japanese version of one of the games, it mentions that "humans and pokemon would marry" back when they weren't different. The English version says they "ate at the same table."

Apparently, venemous snake wine is a thing in eastern Asia...

Diamond and Jade for GameBoy Color were in fact, Telefang.

Takeshi Shudo was a scriptwriter for the anime. did he create Lugia, who was then adopted into the games?

Hurry Get Away is a scrapped battle mechanic of Yellow.

one Trainer class in G1 had a whip. The Whip was a relic of an earlier idea, where the Player battles a wild pokemon directly.

Cue Ball is a skinhead with a name change, referencing his baldness instead of his racism.

What do you call those gambling machines that dispense pods containing prizes... apparently they were a big deal in Japan in the 90s.

Pokemon Green's Lavender Town song IS different than Blue's. However, floating on the web is a faked LT song with stuff added, to be read on a spectrogram. Original Green Lavender Town song just has a few obnoxious noises. The Blue one's better.

Eevee's theme is "familiarity". It's an amalgam of familiar pets, to show its gimmick of becoming variable.

Pokemon Gen 1 had a theme of genetic modification and uncertainty about where the line between organic life, and artificial technology is drawn.

Mew may have been secretly added without the company knowing, until long after the fact. If not for the revelation of Mew's hidden presence, Pokemon may have never gotten past Gen1.

Gen1 had a discreet storyline about Giovanni trying to procure a Master Ball from the Silph Co., to recapture Mewtwo. Mewtwo destroyed Cinnabar Lab shortly before the events of the game take place.

GameFreak had staff members of APE, a development team that made Mother / Earthbound Zero. In Mother, there's a mountain called Mt. Itoi (after Mother's creator Shigesato Itoi), and in it hides a psychic gray alien with catlike ears and a tail, named Giegue / Giygas. Mother 2 / Earthbound also has an item called "Dragonite", that transforms its user into a dragon.

Music to Hurry Get Away to (warning: loud) (could it have been Giovanni's theme?)

There may be a scrapped "Sound/Noise" type, as several pokemon over the generations have a prominent sound/noise theme.

Is Lickitung the Beast that Licks the Filth?

There may have been a cut storyline in Gen2, about a little girl who goes missing, and a building burning down. It's possible to trigger a "Glitch City" glitch in Gen 2, and encounter a white little girl sprite, who then crashes the game.

Depending on your name, you may battle glitch trainers, including Oak, and see Missingno with the sprites of fossils.

In 2005, an in-game glitch was discovered in Yellow, that allowed you to encounter Mew.

In the Gen1 Missingno glitch pokemon encounters, Mew is just barely out of range. You cannot encounter Mew through missingno.

You can see the Truck by trading over a pokemon with Cut and going over to it. It's actually background tiles, not a sprite.

There was a now-lost development screen of Raikou, in grayscale, in the early 90s.

I could NEVER catch metapod or kakuna in any GB game I played. IDK why, if it's some... simulation universe glitch thing for me or what. But I NEVER managed to catch those wild metapods or kakunas. Ever. ??

Lapras being in an underground lake in a cave in Gen2, seems to happen in Super Mario 64. Apparently the Japanese like the Loch Ness Monster. Being in an underground lake in a cave.

Charizard 'M is the Cancel Button. When you fight him, you're really fighting the Cancel Button.

The Shorts Kids are of a trainer class identified in the original language, by wearing shorts.


Deception (anime title?), Pikachu in Brain (some irl thing), Marin, the Moon is clouds, King,



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