Iceberg Index

Legend of Zelda 3 Iceberg

Mario portrait, Magic powder transformations, Early Magic Cape, Ice Rod drop manipulation, Bug net reflects magic, Feral Zora theory, Cuccoo revolt, Chris Houlihan Room, Blue Shield, Desert hermit, Mothula damage glitch, Nonstandard magic powder uses,
Dark World Duck, "Zelda is your destiny" translator intent, Namazu's prison reference, the Letter, Ghost of Misery Mire, A Link to the Future, Beheaded villager, Terrain destruction, Dark World Sanctuary Cave original purpose, "Alter ego" paradox,
Lost Third Overworld, Late Sahasrahla theory, The Great Treefolk, Unimplemented enemies from proto material, Original Sanctuary changes, Orignal "Waterfall" of Wishing placement, Trinexx True Species, Helmasaur King Prototype, Original Sanctuary changes, Itoi Prototype Areas, The Skull Keep, The No Dark World Build,
Lost dual towers, map-1, Lost Cultist Hill, King's original death scene, "Endless stair" Master Sword grove, Eastern Palace 6b+6a Triforce association, Eternal Death Loop, Dark Sanctuary, Original Itoi plotline vetoed by Miyamoto, Dev's lost helicopter minigame,
SNES Crooked Cartridge, NES Builds, Triforce as high technology, Original Misery Mire, Seven Builds Theory, Golden Land True Form, Light World Turtle Rock, Mutli-CGX SCR files, Over 70% of created ALTTP content was cut, Encoded developer messages,
"Christmas Eve" build and over 100MB of assets lost, Corrupt file data only recoverable with NEWS-OS emulation, Earliest surviving asset,
Entire alternate dungeon designs hidden in final game (World Plexus Theory)

Jan 13, 2021