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Ever seen a storefront that has been open for decades? But you seldom see anyone enter or exit? Perhaps it might be a specialized clothing store, yet there's a dog in there (Uhh, you don't want hairy animals around clothing or food), and most of all, the manager, clerk, whoever the one person there is hostile and accusatory. Rude, ready to pounce, wants you to leave immediately. Wow, how do they stay open. You'd think they'd have gone out of business in a nanosecond. But they stay "open" for a long, long time.

Ever wondered what's up with "CPU repair shops"? Why don't people hire a knowledgeable friend? Who trusts ANY stranger with a computer, regardless of what's on it? What's up with some qualified computer-knowledgeable people, applying for work at CPU repair shops / "geek shops", and being harshly rejected over some lame excuse of a reason? If they harshly discriminate against say, a qualified woman of color, then how come they don't face any legal repurcussions for it? Women and POC can play the race or sex discrimination cards. However, as real women are treated like SHIT, and only rich brown people can hope to be granted access to higher places, discrimination is its own foggy, messy shitstorm.

Mattress stores are usually pointed at, as being fronts for money laundering. They barely sell a thing, few people buy mattresses, and whenever people enter mattress stores, the fat staff are usually shocked that someone actually entered. Most of all, they're shocked that a stranger has entered.

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Jan 08, 2021