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Ooohh... This is a popular topic, but I haven't really gone over much material... I'll do that sometime. It's vaguely familiar, and probably a fascinating deep-dive. Might be a lot of stuff to get into, one day.

Something about cards of common symbols, that the student being screened would have to correctly guess. Was this briefly featured in Ghostbusters?

Participants of GATE program surveys have many, many common threads, which include heavy drug experimentation in early 20s, and specifically, "Israeli Art Student Girlfriends". Ohhhhh we got another conspiracy right there, but I'd have to be super careful with phrasing, and use abbreviations and dogwhistles. Sorry, that's just how it is.

Also, people say CIA disclosed documents (that "karmic release" obligation the baffos have) "confirm" that astral travel is a thing. Well, I'd have to see for myself about that.

Dec 05 2020