Polar Shift (2011)
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Polar Shift 2011

This is something I hadn't thought of for YEARS!! before someone posted this old mid-2011 video with under 29k views.

"Eskimo elders speak about the sun not in the same position as before"

Around the "December 21, 2012" doom year (it was a very quiet and still day... The next day, everyone just stopped pausing, and resumed their daily routines), some alternate thinkers / disinfo agents, proposed ideas about alternate models of how the sky and outer world works. This was just a big mess of "nibiru" and "planet x" or "x moons" shit... But in my incomplete and crappy opinion, there miiight be something to "x moons", as in black/dark disks that slide around the sky and interact with the standard sun and moon, causing eclipses or something. They're not spaceballs, that's for sure.

Also, people got scared about "black hole" garbage. And civil unrest, cuz some violent stuff kinda happened here and there, in the 2010s. There were definitely big false flags, but there were small incidents that probably had real violence.

(Man, I forgot how much I miss the simple, small-screen, fuzzy aesthetic of even then the "in the future!!! $currentyear, past year 2000, way in the future!!" 2010s. Goes to show how much things can change without being noticed until a decade or so later. Slow boiling pot. Not that I ever watched much TV, but I see clips of it, or stills. Things were just more humble back in 2010.)

Dec 14 2020