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Zeezle the Zowie Zoon

The most relevant thing I could find, when I felt compelled to look up names and titles I recalled from the early 90's, was found in an Amazon "used goods" listing of 90's VHS tapes, produced for small children.

This was one of those "stage theater performances" recorded onto video for home consumption, during the VHS boom. There were also casette tapes, but I don't recall much of those, other than people would produce their own and freely share them IRL. There was also some supposed "Dragon brand cassette recorder" that did half-speed, and then a lawsuit happened, and the record companies stomped all over yet another enterprise that would have done a LOT of good for people of lower income. You want a vision of forever? Imagine a boot stomping on a real person's face... forever.

Aight, so Zeezle. It was one of those stage-theater home videos made with a bit of modest budget. Back during this grand new BOOM of home video, there were these things, and new CGI that were being made by tiny studios, usually just a hobbyist who got their friends on board. Some of them went on to more remembered projects.

Zeezle was a "zowie Zoon". "Zowie" being an adjective, and "Zoon" being some fantasy fursuit critter person thing, with detachable ears. I only recall there being that one VHS rented from the public libary (that used to be a big thing), but the script in the video I saw, implied that this was a whole series. It may or may not have been. I only saw that one tape.

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Apparently, this is what I saw. The Moon was also a major character, same with "Bear in the Big Blue House, of which I only saw the "potty" episode, because a family member gave me a TV-recorded VHS, because she had cable, and my immediate family didn't.

The video began with some semi-professional stage actor, in a ridiculous fursuit and makeup getup, waking up one morning from a hammock, then monologuing about how his ears and nose are detachable. Then he puts on his ears and nose. Velcro, I guess. The Moon is established to be a regular friend of his.

Then, uhh something... Maybe all his stuff was white, and he had to go find colors? This was made for 3 year olds, so. I guess. And every time he found "color", color would be restored to his things.

Also it ended with something about how the "moon is white, and the sky is black", and then Zeezle went to sleep in his hammock, or whatever it was.

Also there were songs or something. Theater was still a thing in the 80s and 90s, and today it's just barely a straggling medium. You get straight up normal women playing "men", and middle aged or older people, playing the roles of 20yo characters, or young actors wearing santa beards.

Dec 06 2020