Major: Jan '21
Jan 2021

Major Stuff of Jan '21

Not much time left. Time going fast. I learned a precious, valuable lesson: make decisions FAST. I had to learn so much "strategy" of making a thing to be long-lasting, modular. With an odd blend of circumstances, with both limitations and freedom, I have to think, consider, decide... FAST. I have to make fast decisions, and for better or worse, see them through.

The other things have been taken care of, this site is now non-affiliate or something... Hm. Now that I think about it... some "eras" in my life have been defined by associations... Hmm, something to ponder.

Also Roko's Basilisk is the Revelations Beast, or something. Might make a nutso chart sometime later.

WiFi still hurts like a real bitch, but I'll keep an eye out for alternatives like cables. However I refuse to describe my internet situation because I don't talk about personal identifiers.

Jan 19, 2021