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  1. B-K: Beta #001.
  2. B-K: Beta #002. 1997.
  3. B-K: Beta #003. 1997.
  4. ~ Project Dream: YT: p6KdQDo6J-k
  5. B-K: Before Release. YT: CjuDBzHLb90
  6. ~ Hammerhead Beach. YT: cHNIzPfgO3Q
  7. ~ Hammerhead Beach. YT: gDhXkztw714
  8. B-K: Beta. Mad Monster Mansion. YT: FyKdmvTz1P0
  9. B-K: Beta. Mumbo's Mountain. ~2009. YT: rRkBOwHekkk
  10. ~ Giant's Lair Reconstruction. YT: lJde9OV--sg
  11. B-K: Test Map. YT: 9LI4Evg3pXw
  12. ~ Treasure Trove Cove early music. YT: 0S4GcKH5S5o
  13. B-K: Beta. YT: yXKYEv7kYxs
  14. B-K: Cameos pt 1. YT: CcWCstD5I1w
  15. B-K: Cameos pt 2. YT: ikCAL3CLXGI
  16. ~ Connection to Donkey Kong 64. YT: J9xT_59F94g
  17. B-K: Facts. YT: U7SzPs4QHOs
  18. ~ Mt Fire Eyes #01.
  19. ~ Mt Fire Eyes. YT: C1zgdCr99sg
  20. ~ Mt Fire Eyes. YT: dI218D9XSD8
  21. ~ Mt Fire Eyes. YT: iLRXUIbWp6c
  22. B-K: Fly Anywhere. YT: n-iNbuCpxI4
  23. ~ Fungus Forest. Sep 2007. YT: KK6hopmkcbY
  24. ~ Fungus Forest. YT: e5ZD3TbJ5VE
  25. ~ Fungus Forest. YT: f8fg5xN7dXY
  26. B-K: Fly Anywhere Glitch. YT: sEz6IdW1bAM
  27. B-K: Gruntling Speed Glitch. #01.
  28. B-K: Memory Editing. YT: W9fbSZ1Zp9s
  29. B-K: Reverse Bee Glitch. YT: 8WpHc2KdYoM
  30. ~ Hammerhead Beach. YT: aqoKuQ5cqMg
  31. B-K: Hack: Flooding. YT: T3By_WBzEAw
  32. B-K: Hack: Freezeville. YT: hMAsiHSOpBI
  33. B-K: Red Egg in Puzzle. YT: 02DlKudxv1c
  34. B-K: Hi-Rez Textures. YT: ghzZKOimrAI
  35. B-K: Joke: Stop N Swap. YT: wrjQ_yLT1-U
  36. B-K: Joke: Stop N Swap Adventure. YT: cCFZuXEaP3Y
  37. B-K: Joke: Stop N Swap Subliminal. YT: hTaQqFFFc8k
  38. B-K: Mad Monster Mansion Window. June 2009. YT: OhuryGFNIhI
  39. B-K: Mysterious Lair. YT: J3d0LhRdTlk
  40. B-K: Hack: Rusty Bucket Bay Flood. YT: A_4_Q0tyCP8
  41. B-K: Stop N Swop Eggs. YT: 9IYVVpH17YU
  42. B-K: Stop N Swop Theory. YT: Lvehjgn4bVo
  43. ~ Blackeye #1. YT: aDt5yZNXEOQ
  44. ~ Blackeye #2. Oct 2006. YT: fNQUEq2ZE8c
  45. B-K N&B: Mystery. YT: a6hcejSovFQ
  46. B-K N&B: Tech Demo. #01.
  47. B-T: Beta Areas. YT: KyWW4cj0wi0
  48. B-T: Blackeye. Oct 2012.
  49. B-T: Coderoom. YT: 5lybzYfCuQk
  50. B-T: Evil Bottles. YT: 1WEhUxIVcP4
  51. B-T: Flower Glitch. YT: 2f-x2x2NGKY
  52. B-T: Gate House. March 2008. YT: 8U5oj-O1N24
  53. B-T: Memory Editing. YT: v1gP1dEqxaY
  54. B-T: Joke: Blubber. YT: BZSeJAeN678
  55. B-T: Pirate Easter Egg. YT: 9_x-89RbneE
  56. B-T: Cheato Room with Strange Texture.

I found some old vids. Some were junk, others were interesting in how they showcased a little "friendly vg hacker youtuber" culture. Lots of the videos with text narration, reference other video game dissectors. Some showed the old Youtube Format. takes me back.

Ages ago, Youtube once did actually encourage human participation. I think that was shortly before Google bought them. I'm no historian. But yeah, good Youtube is dead, rest in piece. We hardly knew you.

I remember some stuff, but I'll write about that later. Stuff about stop n swop and oddities. For now, here's this so far. I feel BK is ripe for an "every copy is personalized" and "banjo if he real" and "grunty will show you fun", because some people do say that for as lively and colorful as this obnoxiously googly-eyed cutesy peepee joke British thing is, it does have a dark "feel" to it, like certain Disney and Nintendo titles. So there's that consistency. How fascinating.

Some videos I chose because they looked cool, were real short (I gotta stick to 10m tops, cuz free Streamable), and I'm very hesitant about linking to file sharing sites, because that can really get you in a lot of trouble sometimes, I don't want to take that risk... But looks like the Neocities DDG search doesn't do text files. So. If need be, I'll maintain updated text files with links to SFW and completely benign, often muted (... yeah) videos of demonstrations of copyrighted products.

Another thing, I copied over videos that seem to have hardware gameplay. Because now I'm keeping an eye out for that. Some emulation is astoundingly good these days, but many vids I recovered are from 2007-2012! Yes, that old! Not much between 2012 to now, though. But I thought I'd have some fun and nostalgia, and more than just a cute game, but also the feels of watching people pick through the files in the mid-late 2000s and make discoveries in early 2010s, and how things have changed between then and now.

... They took this from you.

Also, Stop N Swop was a fun mystery (and BROKEN submenu), I'll tell you the history some other time. But the rewards for getting the eggs were: Bottle's Revenge, Dragon Kazooie, Jinjo in Multiplayer, Breegull Bash, and I forgot what the other two were... Not very impressive.

Feb 03 2021