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  1. Disneyland Cigs
  2. Disney vs Toy Story 2


: could there be a connection from this guy (assuming he's not pulling an "ogre visits /a/" kinda deal) to that crazy German furry chick who's obsessed over the main character, and that crazy American chick who's obsessed over the cyborg? This movie does things to people.

Feb 4, 2021

Walt Disney was not a real person.

Gotta find that cool pic someone assembled, of mickey mouse being inspired by an ancient diety

Aight, so Disneyland or World, "Happiest Place on Earth", or something.

Disney also owns a bazillion other brands, including MiraMax and Touchstone. Funny how they don't slap their branding on Pulp Fiction, but they flaunt Star Wars and Marvel around, like anyone cares.

Jan 2021