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There is no such person as J. K. Rowling. Name calls to mind "just kiddin', rollin' (rofl), because it's a joke. People have noticed, the she-her characters are usually left underdeveloped and blank, and the he-him characters have all the effort put in. Hint hint.

People would also wonder "how would a kindergarten teacher know all this about occultism", which actually is a dumb question. That's like asking why someone who flips burgers or works at a call center, knows what ouija boards and sigil magic are. This stuff is very, very common knowledge, but for the most part, practitioners don't openly talk about it. They have "secrets" to keep, but those "secrets" have a way of coming out. Especially when these people carelessly say stuff, without realizing there are normal people in earshot. Or they leave links laying around on surface websites, then they freak out when someone clicks them.

A common thing said is "people want something that matches their preconceived notions / expectations". I didn't see the Jurassic World movie, but I heard it has a scientist character saying something about "people want to see dinosaurs that match their conception of what a dinosaur is." What a director said about the Barnyard Movie is that the he-him cow main character has udders, because "that matches what most people think of a cow as being like". Nevermind that Ferdinand is a popular CGI bull character. You'll notice barnyard animal cartoon characters are often trans, like Mort the Chicken, a chicken mascot named "Lucky" for some VG studio, Chicken from Cow & Chicken, more things like that. Really, it's a hint hint clue.

While on the Jurassic Tangent, the first movie says all the dinos are female, and has a character tying two female seatbelt ends together, and "life uh finds a way" HINT HINT HINT HINT. Also dinosaurs are a complete hoax, but that's common knowledge by now. Also "Plesitocene" = Plasticine (stop motion). Back to Harry Potter.

Book describes Harry's foster parents in enough detail to alert you, that these are the "people" you see on TV and in mass media, but are less common IRL. Or at least the "she hers" are. So these are baffos, what did you expect? Come on, now. It's mandated, but no one tells you that.

Harry has eeeeevil muggle normie step-parents and a bad step "brother".

Interruption time. So I was like 9-10 when I first got into these. My area is mostly """christian""", but eeeveryone, all the adults in Catholic (pagan) schools and catholic summer camps, was super into Harry Potter. There wasn't one single "oh no it's of the devil!" whistleblower in my earshot at the time. This book would be read by the teacher to the class, during the "reading time" segments of school, and was celebrated at a "christian" camp.

I had to come to real Truth over a long time, and it was a rough and bumpy, slow, long, journey. These things go from easy to get, to really really hard to comprehend. I distinctly remember reading these on my own at night, and a weird "feeling", "vibes" would emanate from the pages themselves. No joke. I thought it was a "comfy" feeling.

But get this. Ever heard what's sometimes said about physical records being pressed? After the "master copy" (call no one "master") was made, it'd be taken to a ritual room on a full moon, and a coven would do rituals to enchant any copies produced from the record. If that's done for vinyl records, it could be done for anything else. Ever get "vibes" from certain medias? From mass produced generic mainstream crap at the store, to someone's weird little fanfiction corner, to just casual photos, or a recording of a phone call. You can feel these, somehow.

"Good feelings" can be enchanted, like scripts can be copypasted onto a webpage. I could just grab some CSS and put it right in here, but I'm not gonna. The unseen IRL, is like the Unseen in computer stuff. I ramble on about stuff like that here. Fake "good feels" are like sugar. POISON. Antifreeze. Brilliant green, sweet taste, kills you dead. People that go "do not interact if you're different than me!!", just want to be surrounded by asskissers. How will that make you into a better person. Chanting feelgood mantras won't nullify the damage done if you were to step on rusty nails and broken glass. When obese people insist they're healthy at every size and yell at anyone who tells them their life choices are going to kill them, they're not doing themselves any good. They can yell "HAES!!" forever and tell "haters" to leave, but they're still going to have heart attacks and strokes.

"Feeling good", doesn't make you into a better person. If someone wants to be an arist or writer, but they stay in their comfort zones and get asskissed and praised, they're in for a RUDE awakening when they try to sell their services.

Point is, when I cracked open those pages, I felt "vibes", and they were inherently deceptive, like sugar is. That's one way they trap you. The sheer, runaway success HP had, was probably not just due to whatever creepy shit covens did to give its initial popularity a MASSIVE boost, but also it may have been promoted and funded by sections of government. No joke. They'll do that. I'll put some stuff about that in the Disney page.

Might as well tell you about, when people are going to phsycially burn these books, they may report that the "book", which they had a firm grip on, kept "jumping" out of their hands, like they're self-preserving, somehow.

When Harry's close to "puberty age" (paranormal ability awakenings, brought on by puberty, is a common trope in this genre. "Puberty Superpowers" if you have rainbow puzzle pieces), he gets a maaagical letter, delivered by an owl (symbol!), informing him that he is "different" and "special".

This parallels how at around the age when normal people have puberty, hermaphrodites are discreetly pulled aside and told that they're not exactly normal, and that instead of having puberty, they're going to have a hormone and plastic surgery induced "puberty". However... use your eyes, they're the majority now. What do you think IVF & C-Section are for. HINT HINT, they're not for normal women!!

As for owls, think Bohemian Grove. The owl is a favored symbol for the 33 Orange club, among other symbols like the Butterfly ("trans-formation"). Owls fly silently at night, that might be it. And something about some Greek god"dess". BTW, what we're told of "ancient" Greece and Rome, and other places, is false. Look at modern Roman "ruins", those things are stage sets. Made to look old. REAL ruins, are those huuuge giant buildings that are now government buildings, the world over.

Also, famously Harry has that lightning bolt scar. That's a very popular symbol, there's a LOT of things associated with the "z" shaped lightning bolt sign. Jesus beheld satan fall like lightning from Heaven. Side note, trees are related to lightning bolts. On the Other Sites page, there's links to sites that discuss this. Tree leaves jitter independently when they get hit with energy from the aethers. Trees also keep a certain distance from each other, physically resemble inverted lightning bolts ("as above, so below"), and definitely collect electricity from the air. Think Power Plants.

A "half-giant", done on film with a hormone freak and forced perspective, informs him that "yer a wizard, Harry". Best theory on Hagrid's backstory is, his dad entered a wet cave and enjoyed himself for a bit.

Then something something, Harry gets a shopping list of special materials to do the ritual with, and something about a hidden Platform. Platform 9 and 3/4. This is a reference to fake businesses and seemingly empty buildings. IRL, you may have wandered into a shop, and was "greeted" by a very rude and hostile single staff member. You barely ever see anyone go in or out. What's really going on in there, and how do they stay open for over ten years? You know damn well the cops are fully aware of it.

The way to enter Platform 9.75, is to do the secret knock and say the password, at the fake business.

Then they do a bunch of whimsical teehee fantasy stuff, and it's all magical and feelsy and stuff.

The houses are hamfisted "cartoon for literal toddlers" cliche stereotype stuff. There's a poltergeist that's not in the films, for some reason. They have wordplay and talk about "three sided papers". The intelligence level is wildly all over the place. One moment, the writing's real clever, and then you get how the Dursleys and Houses are handled. Gee, it's like there's several different people cobbling this together. Wowzers.


Dec 03 2020