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In the past (late 2000s, early 10's) I've read some stuff about medias, mainly major movies that went down in history as being massively profitable and impactful to the AV industry, which were of the "MKUltra Media Category".

This category includes:

MGM Wizard of Oz
Laika Coraline
Disney Alice in Wonderland
Universal We're Back a Dinosaur Story
Jim Henson Labyrinth

and some more. But those are the most notable and discussed ones. Notably, these are all big-budget movies made to appeal to children. All the really interesting things are aimed at the elementary school aged crowd.

Something to note about Laika (@ Wiki.), is that it's named for the emotional bait aspect of the Outer Space hoax, where a dog is supposedly sent to outer spaaace, except Space isn't real, and also the company is a billionaire's vanity project. The only reason Laika EXISTS today, is because a billionaire likes stop-mo. Curiously, the Wiki page doesn't mention that part.

MGM Wizard of Oz, is probably THE most well-known movie of all time, up there with Citizen Kane (a B&W movie for adults, though). Famous for being the first major color feature film. I haven't read the Oz books, which were standard fare of the forgotten "1800's childrens huge massive book series, that were obviously written by an entity made out of pure cough syrup and psychedelics" genre.

You'll notice "Lads in Drag" which I'll now refer to as "LiD" to avoid overusing key phrases to keep my butt covered (it's an "avoid the bots" thing), are the preferred choice of main character. We're Back Dinosaur's Story ("WBDS") features a martin and a LiD character together. The rest feature iconic LiD characters, Dorothy, Alice, Coraline, and Sarah. Alice and Dorothy are really culturally significant characters... I'll explain how.

Jan 09, 2021