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This movie probably got more airtime than any other piece of AV media broadcasted, besides ads. But I didn't check that. It got aired countless times over the decades. There's the famous Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon sync thing, the stuff about how Judy Garland was (supposedly) forced to "smoke a ton to stay thin" (we'll get to that), the Munchkin actor stuff (interesting but can't verify)... Tons and tons has been said and written about on this topic, so I'll just remix culture whatever looks good to include. Links below.

One early consultant wanted to eliminate fantasy from Baum's tale and completely modernize Oz. He suggested that the Scarecrow and Tin Man be real men, dressed in tattered and metallic garb as a punishment for stupidity and heartless behavior. That idea was dismissed, but it was quickly decided to make Dorothy's adventure a dream – rather than Baum's actual fairy-tale excursion – with new characters created in Kansas who would appear in Oz as LOGICAL psychological manifestations of her daily associates back home. While this would (on varying levels) irritate many OZ readers, they and millions of other moviegoers were swift to acknowledge MGM's rationale in making the story “believable.”

So, of course movie adaptations drop things that aren't profitable or convenient. In MGM Oz, they turned the Silver Slippers into "ruby slippers", because it would be more impressive, due to the color being a huge gimmick for the time.

Story begins with Dorothy Gale being dissatisfied with her life, singing a song about wanting to be anywhere but boring nowhere Kansas. Then, a TORNADO!! Those are hoaxes. Dust devils or small whirlwinds are real, but the fact that they made a bunch of movies about "twisters" tells you, those things are the same as apes, dinos, giant penguins, giant pandas, outer space, GW sharks, etc. So the Tornado maaagically whisks Dorothy to Termina where all the models are reused, and at most the people have different skins, textures and names applied.

The cyclone is a reference to Illuminati spin torture. Monarch slaves can be programmed to have different number of spins in different direction trigger a different alter (personality) Illuminati handlers are thus able to decide the exact level of pervation desired in their sex slaves.

Also Dorothy has a "bonding pet", Toto, who also represents an audience cue in the movie. It's a good thing no one holds a gun to Dorothy's head and makes her kill Toto, because that's actually a real thing that happened frequently, most especially back decades ago when baffos desperately tried to pass, and put tons of effort into "irl method acting". No joke, ever heard stories about old baffos who mention that their dad (hint: other mommy) forcing them to kill their pet? They'd be given a rabbit, usually, and after a while the rabbit would suddenly be gone and there's rabbit soup, or the person is forced to kill the rabbit later. That's to traumatize and break them. That's an aspect of IRL MK Ultra that traditional baphomet families would do. It was a ritual, and a tradition. It wasn't talked about much, because no one wants to talk about it. But when they do, all their stories are the same. They were given a pet, and the pet would later be betrayed, and the person traumatized.

This sort of mental breakage is EXTREMELY common IRL, and again it's one of those secrets in plain sights that is overwhelmingly common and known about, but they keep it silent. Tip top secrecy, not a word spoken.

The common identifier for Monarch Slaves with Oz programming is the red shoe like Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Other identifiers include small dogs and the use of rainbows; dissociation is encouraged by “going over the rainbow”.

Dorothy's cabin that she's hiding in while the maaagical tornado takes it to Faraway Lands, immediately 1HK an eeeeevil Witch who apparently shops at Hot Topic (I guess witches can time travel?), and everyone cheers. Then the White-Hat Witch who calls herself "good" appears out of nowhere and tells Dorothy to take the cool shoes (plot coupon & chekhov's gun), and follow the yellow brick road (which is a spiral, and not straight and narrow) to the Emerald City and meet the Important Guy to go back to horrible, boring, crappy old flyover land.

The world of Oz in a full Technicolor while Kansas, the real world is boring and black and white. Reality is purposely downplayed, the imaginary, make-belief world is more fun.

The transfer of the Ruby slippers from the Wicked Witch of the East to Dorothy publicly depicts the real method of transference of power used in Illuminati rituals. A Matriarch (Mother of Darkness) will kill an older witch with a single blow to the forehead wand or staff before putting on the dead’s woman ruby slipper and assuming her place as an Illuminati Matriarch. The staff is often fitted with a stunning mechanism allowing witches to give random shocks during ceremonies.

Red shoes (not necessarily "slippers" that look more like sequin clogs) are a very, very popular symbol. Along with little red hats and red washcloths. These are purely symbolic and rely on image associations. Real blood dries brown and gets crunchy and flaky, but the icons of red hats and red shoes represent the IDEA of dipping hats, cloths, and shoes in blood. However if they accurately portrayed that, it'd be... brown and crumbly.

Then Dorothy goes on her quest and meets the Bad Arguments Guy, The Good Arguments Guy, and the Spineless Furry. They all sing songs.


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Tangents / Comments:

One thing that just CAN'T be avoided, is how ALL mass-media, the huge-budget stuff, is going to be watered down. There's hardly any budget to casual amateur text, print, AV, but the BIG stuff like from Hollywood or major developers and publishers, is they don't want to take a risk. That's why all attempts to cash in on "meme culture" is hilariously cringetastic. Companies are not only staffed by middle-aged or older rich people who live in gated communities, they also refuse to take a risk. They'll spend 2 years R&D-ing "popular stuff", which is fleeting, and by the time the sweatshops are finished producing tons of crap, the 12 year olds these companies were hoping to have buy their crap, have long moved on. Oh but more could be said about those things, but those rambles come up on the spot. When they're invoked.

I never read the Oz books (maybe I should have), but in Harry Potter, I think they dropped Peeves because they didn't want to pay for another actor to dress up like an obnoxious ghost, and then have to pay the special effects artists to incorporate that character in.

I guess Kansas was the starting point, because states like that just get smeared as "boring, hickish, only corn and farms there, nothing else, the people there don't matter, it's flyover land and the people are just peasants who work so others can eat". I guess big city freaks don't realize how they come across, because they're untouchable. So. Also, it's not a surprise. But imagine how different things could be if "flyover lands" gave the big cities with gated communities, some serious competition in their fields. Woudn't happen, but would be interesting to see.

There doesn't seem to be any "beta sex kitten stuff" (that's some freaky pedo babyfur stuff right there, no wonder furries just seem to be... inherently whatever they are), that might not come up a lot in discussions of these prominent films listed on the index, but it does come up a lot in adult media. BSK programming involves LiD wearing cat-print clothing and acting really horny. But it's all an act. The cat prints are usually tabby, cheetah, leopard, and tiger. IDK why it's called "beta", but that's part of its name.

[Dorothy's house lands on first Witch] This part kinda reminds me of a very messily developed video game, where at first the devs intended an early boss fight, then changes happen, and in the final it's just messy and confusing. Like, it looks like if VG was a thing at the time, and MGM Oz was going to be a ye olde 40's VG, there would have been "oh no the disk 1 witch must be stopped!" and then Dorothy has a boss battle and then drops a house on the witch, then everyone cheers. But nope, this is one of those cases where all that stuff got dropped and the Main Character just gets stuff for free, purely by playing a cutscene.

[After landing in Munchkin Town, Dorothy wants to go back home] What's the deal with these world transplants in media, that start off in Boringsville and sing a song about how much Boringsville sucks, and then they go to Magical Wonder Land, and then boohoo they wanna go back to Boringsville even though Wonderland is awesome. Why do they do this. What is this trope. WHAT IS THIS TROPE. I think they spelled "tripe" wrong.

Jan 09, 2021