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Pokemon made children temporarily set aside their differences for some discussion or a battle, or it could provoke IRL battles! Yeah teachers loved that. I was never really into the cards, but those had to be banned. NGL, I always have a passive-aggressive, "rooting for the aggravating thing that bothers the oppressors" sort of mindset, even to this day! I don't really view the teachers as oppressers as I used to, but these days I have a new outlook on things. And I remember how it was back then, and what my peers all thought.

When we'd talk about missingnos and stuff that interested us, that we all had access to, things like socioecon classes, race, income, family situation, intelligence levels, age - all those things went away for as long as we'd hang out and talk about pokey men. But if only there were a better common uniting thing we had... But we had vidya gaems and media for children. Things that come with a price tag, and are full of corporate cynicism, content, and condescension to the target demographic. But we didn't fully understand all that yet.

The idea for pokemon came from a somewhat spergy guy, who loved to catch bugs in his childhood. As Japan became more industrial and polluted, the environment around him suffered. In all parts of the world where more people take cars for joyrides (Baffos loooove joyrides, IDGI, but baffos will drive in circles for hours and hours and never get bored of it.), throw trash everywhere, etc. the environments suffers. All the blame and guilt tripping is put on normal people, but normal people are good, caring, thoughtful. Baffos treat God's creation like shit, because baffos are made by the devil, and they never think things through, and they don't care about what damages they do. They love trophy hunting and senseless vandalism, because having the power to blow up a deer's head makes them feel "manly".

Speaking of "feeling manly", the mindset of children is a strange one. I notice that baffos always seem to forget what being a child was like, but then again, they don't have puberty, and they seem to have... Memory limitations. Maybe an inability to remember one's own past is another p-zombie trait. Forgot to mention, another tell of p-zombies is the way they move like animatronics. You ever gone to school with weird-looking, emotionless kids that walked, sat, talked, moved their heads, and chewed like animatronics? Hard to put my finger on, but they seem so... robotic. The way they turn their heads, their empty stark white googly eyes, their robotic jaw movements, the way they move their arms like they're on some Disneyland boat ride... Wonder what's going on in there.

Anyway, so about mindsets and the way children have certain mental pressures and desires to be older as fast as possible, and to look "Mature, sophisticated, grown up", and then you have 35 year olds surrounded by funko pops, gaping their maws wide open, and gushing about the latest soulless zombie Nintendo vomit, as if it's up to the caliber of the 90's games. Baffos have midlife crises and buy a new red sports car, instead of try to make things less bad around them. They get ONE LIFE, and that's what they do with it. Most baffos long to go back to childhood, when some of them still have souls. Did anyone tell you it's possible to have a soul early in life, but a lot of people lose them? Do you remember elementary school friends who drastically changed for the worst in middle school, like they became different people of the same name? It's like their own pasts ceased to exist, and they're just not... the people you used to know, they seem to be impostors. No one wants to talk about that, either.

A simple tell for when a person stops being a person, is when their behavior changes tremendously, and their personality becomes very shallow and fake. They forget everything in their past, and start acting like characters on TV, and only care about money and winning "contests". Makes you wonder what exactly happened that caused that.

... Do you know any real women, who have "good jobs", "make lots of money", and they're married to a martin and have a martin "son", but all the woman does is cry and get drunk and pop pills? Family and career don't make her happy? She knows what she lost. she knows what she lost, and she can't ever go back. what's done is done.

Yeah anyway, back on Spergy Beetle Guy whatsisface who came up with the idea for Pokemon. Satoshi Tajiri. Also I was struggling to remember the word "urbanization", that wrecks environments because those are fake ass cities populated mainly by baffos, p-zombies, and occasionally a real person is born, sometimes. IIRC, Tajiri's company "Game Freak" originated as a little zine publisher, and some of the members were into programming. Satoshi missed catching bugs, and bug catching became less accessible, but he made the general idea into a game, and Miyamoto made it highly marketable. Say what you will about virtual elemental dogfighting, but it's very toyetic. It would have caught on because that sounds like a really fun concept, NGL.

So many environments and ecosystems all over the world got destroyed by baffos throwing trash and pollutants everywhere, without a moment of thought about the consequences. Soon these things that everyone used to take for granted, went away. You don't know what you got until it's gone.

In harsher environments, where there are junkies, tweakers, creeps, and drunks, as well as maniac drivers and insane dogs that think children are tasty, yeah you can't just let your child go exploring. Certainly not go poking around under bridges and tunnels, with all the broken glass and heroin needles.

The Pokemon Anime was also a smash hit in the USA and other places, and thus weebs were born. People get bored and fed up with their local environments, and long for something different. Weebs are obsessed with foreign pop culture, and they turned it into some clique thing. Japan has their own "westaboos" who are pretty much the same thing. Japan also is curiously held up as a "shining example of a utopia" according to the narrative of TPTB, but there's more mixed messages in there.

I'm being as delicate as I can be, but we've all noticed a strong push for race mixing as a "trendy thing". I'm not saying it's bad or good, it's up to all people to decide who they want to be with. But a lot of people only get with their boyfriends or girlfriends out of some "virtue signal" or "status symbol". Weebs want a Japanese GF. Some different people do get along great, on their own terms. Japan is a culture that is like 98% homogenous, or that's what the "stats" said last time I checked. You'll notice in most western countries, there's lots of advertising showing mixed-race couples, but in Asia, they don't like having ads that depict that. I know this is a touchy topic, but I had to bring up the mixed message aspect, where our governments in the West promote race mixing, but they tell us that a homogenous and xenophobic society is "a golden standard".

Japan also has a crazy high suicide rate among 20 year olds, and a very huge problem with shut-ins, and people who literally work themselves to death. The Japanese word for that is "black death", when someone is so overworked and lives at the business, that they just die. It's a thing. Do you think societies with high suicide rates, shut-ins, people that worship corporations and view corporations as their own families, and literally die from overwork, do you think those are good societies? Do you want to live in a world where everyone's always screaming at you about money, criticizing every single aspect of your being, and would be glad when you just die somehow? That's what our governments want, but they pretend like they don't.

Weebs don't seem interested in anything beyond the harem animes with the creepy, screechy cat "girls", or giant mecha suits in outer space land. They seem only interested in the super corporate, visually impressive animes. Japan has tons of comics and cartoons (I'm not gonna call them shitty weeb words, I'm gonna call them what they're called. CARTOONS AND COMICS), and video games. They got every flavor degenerate octopus rape guro with flat-chested little cat "girls" that you could wish you never imagined. Don't go to Pixiv, there's some real horrors over there. They like gore. A lot. Also don't look up ANY Chinese liveleak videos, you'll be scarred for life. Enough about that.

Boy that sounds like a magical wonderland, I wanna go to middleaged pathetic dickless weenie slave land and read comics about octopus kaiju with knives that go around [REDACTED] and then fall into a manufacturing machine or something.

Oh yeah, I was talking about pokemon or something.

Dec 07 2020