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Super Mario 64 / N64 General

>> Mario 64 Iceberg

This page will grow. Also, I just dug up some undetailed old texts, no dates or "anonymous" or numbers on them... But here they are!!

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  1. SGI Alienware 1
  2. Mario if he Real: Aug '20
  3. Mario Dreams: Aug '20 #1
  4. N64 Redpills: Jan '21 #01

"SM64 WDW Brain Diagram / Pineal Image"

TCRF: SM64 Unused Textures
Not seeing any "pineal glands" here, chief. However...

I read the Nintendo Leaks threads, but I don't recall ever seeing this show up. Some posters goofed around, but I don't recall seeing this, or it being mentioned, oddly enough. Super Donkey, Starfox, Zelda Renders, and Yoshicopter 'Nam were really... Wow though. Anyhow. (Also some people wanted to eat the items depicted in the Zelda renders)

This person may be mistaken, AFAIK the leaks didn't have the pineal image, but it did suddenly appear out of nowhere, and maybe the person that leaked it could have planted the image. Everyone knows it happened 24 years and 1 month after some Mario-related date, and L is real 2401, and they found Luigi in the SM64 dev data. But it's not in the retail ROM. Wow, what are the ODDS of L being real with such convenient numbers, after a Mario release date. Makes ya wonder.


  1. SM64: Beta. YT:0iHWVneNpaM
  2. SM64: Multiplayer Working. YT:AJTLOiz5kws

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Jan 29, 2021