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Super Mario Bros Movie

Some people ask, "How is it POSSIBLE??? to dislike this movie??". They're right. Also the backstory and behind-the-scenes stuff is really, wow. Really something.

Anon & Koopa Trump Synchronicities

Jan 11, 2021

This just in!!! Another "mario if he real" thread got something that's kinda... Something we already heard about a few times, but with all the people saying "mandela effect" over everything, perhaps you mandelaheads might find this fascinating.

SMB Movie & DJT

As for the movie itself, it clearly was never originally supposed to be a Mario movie. It's essentially about "dinosaurs evolved and went underground (Hollow Earth?) and became humans because we have a limited budget, and something something crystal (hmm.), and something something cliffhanger". Also, there's a running gag where Biff Tannen Bill the Cat with Necktie President Koopa, keeps ordering "pizza" (-gate) on the phone, but he's always too tied up to go get it.


Jan 10, 2021