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Sesame Street

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One of the most famous USA shows made. Jim Henson was heavily involved in it, as well as many other famous figures in television and radio.

Sesame Street was particularly aimed at "inner city" children, and it had remarkably good production values for what it was.

: Oscar will show you his favorite N-word.

: hey man, where can I get some good numerals around here

I Beam : This clip is said to have frightened some children. It's apparently an I beam being manufactured. Pretty rad. Maybe it's just too hardcore and extreme for some diaper babies with poor taste, who fear their conceptions of "awesome" being challenged.

that lost-and-found "Cracks" lost short, with the Crack King who died shortly after being met, and didn't even get to be "mean".

(If I find some of those old "un-pc captions set to Sesame photos" images, I'll post the... least potentially troublesome ones.)

Jan 25, 2021