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It's interesting that apparently, in the hardcore, brutal past, clowns were thought of as being "child friendly" and "whimsical". Not sure what real history had to say, but clowns and jesters were standard circus fare. Perhaps the modern conception of clowns being inherently frightening, comes from people who just had knee-jerk phobias and had their viewpoints repeated. There's some funny irony to it, you gotta admit.

Say what you will about McDonald's branding, but they made a completely not-scary clown... This one time I got really uh "altered", and watched one of those Klasky-Csupo McDonald's videos on youtube, and Ronald came across as a special ed teacher, and the other characters were like the students... yeah.

Anyway! So traditionally, there's the "Red Clown", who's a bum and hobo, and the "White Clown", who's an upper class twit.

John Wayne Gacey was just some news media boogey "man", serial killers were a big 70's hoax. Good thing the only "victims" were baffos. Except you know, no one got hurt. Welp. That's gripping TV nooz for ya.

There was a dropped Simpsons thing, about how originally Homer was going to be the person who was "Krusty", and there would be an irony that Bart loathed Homer, but adored Krusty, who secretly was Homer, hence their same basic forms. However, this was dropped.

Court Jesters, were apparently clowns that worked for monarchs. ...Why would that be a thing? Well, "many a truth is spoken in jest". So there's that, I guess.

This one time in kindergarten, we had a grouchy clown that hated his life, come over to entertain the class. He had a gloomy tone, seemed irritable and sarcastic, and constantly did the "go get the ball" trick that you'd play on a dumb dog. Where you pretend to throw a ball, and the dog goes looking for it. But instead of a dog, it was kindergarteners. Kinda funny to look back on.

Also, "Solar Plexus Clown Gliders", now you're cursed.

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Dec 07 2020