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Disturbing Audio Video, that Children are likely to be exposed to

Preface! Children (and rainbow-puzzle-piece people) brains haven't developed the skills of "chunking" and info management. Real photos and raw audio recordings are full of detail, noise, clutter, and junk. People whose brains haven't learned to process and filter these things, are naturally drawn to cartoons. Cartoons are visual sugar. They're pure and simple, immediately recognizable as what they represent (if they're drawn competently). The colors are sharp and clear, the forms are sleek, it's not like looking at a big overcomplicated machine. There is no way to remove the "stigma" of being the object of desperate obsession by children and RPP people, of cartoons. That is their very nature. It is the nature of simple, clear drawings, and the nature of people who love them.

If you're an adult who loves animation and cartoons, you know the stigma. You probably keep it down low IRL, because you know how most cartoon fans are. I wouldn't be too open about that stuff either. Welp. But this is the internet!

That said, I'm not here to go "oh no how horrible". I find peculiar, unsettling, highly memorable things to be deeply fascinating. Not outright shock and gore, that stuff is truly genuinely disturbing. My threshhold for "horrible, sick, evil, demented" is stuff that I won't even mention here. This is a SFW site and this is supposed to be a fun page, not a page that brings despair and dread.

Felidae (film): German animated movie about cartoon nazi cats that can be sliced open with a thumbtack. Also has a cartoon cat suicide cult, and yiffing. Oh wait, spoilers. Mostly edgggyyy. Also real animals don't have their guts fall out because someone ran a sharp claw down their belly. Anyway, this movie isn't for children, it's more for... well, German furries are kind of weird...

Secret of NIMH (film): This movie is also extremely based, and is probably the most technically impressive traditionally animated movie of all time.

Watership Down (film): Just because it has talking cartoon rabbits, doesn't necessarily make it for children per se, but you know how things are. If a drawing exists, children will want to see it, because that's how children's brains process 2d imagery. Some psychology stuff. The art's ugly. There's also Plague Dogs, but I didn't see that one. But I heard it has cartoon dogs getting their brains exposed. Anyway, Watership Down is based, and it's hilarious when parents think it's fine for toddlers. Just wait until the youngins realize rabbits scream in scenarios like that, not talk it out. Props to this movie for being based and having a good song.

Nov 28 2020