The Sequestering

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The Sequestering

Yeah, if you Google this, you'll get garbage trash results. Probably some Hollywood shit. TPTB dictate that big-budget productions, like movies, vg, albums, etc. be produced, to IRL forum-slide topics of discussion, and alter search results. A certain "gate" about pizza (Ugh those stupid "scandal names", when will people get creative...) was made up, to try to hinder the results people get from searching for the juicy secret society creep stuff.

People, animals, plants, fungus, anything that's alive, brain is optional, they have psychic abilities. The Unseen is real, and psychic abilities are also real, they just don't work so great because there's too many damn waves in the air. Who is the prince of the power of the air? Hint, he rules the whoooole world, and is responsible for all baffos and p-zombies, and everything that sucks.

Intent thoughts, are the most important thoughts. Private thoughts just stay in your own head, but intent thoughts, you can't prevent those from coming out. People and animals will immediately pick up on them, if they're in range. If you're a real human (One's bound to come here eventually), you've picked up on intent thoughts before.

Radios, TV, wifi, now 5G, and who even knows what unannounced secret tech is being used out there, all these things impede your thoughtwaves. Your psychic abilities are now very, very shortened and limited. They barely work. You have to be in close range.

The heart's also involved in this. When someone is thinking very hard about you, you feel a "ping" in your heart. You KNOW who is thinking about you, however that's all the details you get, and the moment passes. It could be several months before you feel a "ping" like that again.

If there were no electronics around for a while, I wonder what interesting things people would come to notice. It's said, that people who live away from strong electromagnetic and radiowave influences, can sense where their neighbors are, and can just find them easily, without being told where those people are.

Dec 07 2020