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Shame 01


Just a fun title. I've always been fascinated by the disparity in how people act, when they make fun of themselves / self-deprecating humor, and how the exact SAME people act when someone ELSE very very MILDLY shames them.

Like say at school, there's a teacher who's 350lbs in 1995, that's a bit unusual for the time, but sadly all too common in 2021 (still no private jetpacks though). She copes with her obvious HFCS addiction by joking about eating candy all the time as a regular thing. Then a student just comments that she's fat. Guess who's all tears and sobbing to the other teachers (who aren't 350lbs and really don't care, children say what they think, some children are looking for a reaction, others don't get that shaming is frowned upon in societies like ours).

But in Asia, I hear things are different. Going off some stuff people said ages ago, that probably expired for today's world, Japan and Korea, the most cited examples (China was never brought up, but I'd assume it'd be the same in this way), is that fat shaming is common and standard, HOWEVER. The tone and reactions are different. They say, if you call a fat Asian "hey you're fat", they'll probably respond with "yep, that's me. What are you looking for?" Something like that. That the physical condition is shamed and they're told to lose weight, but at the same time they're not made out to be bad people, or it's not seen as an attack on their personhood.

In English speaking areas, calling someone "fat" is basically a personal insult and shit's gonna GO DOWN. Or the accusee will go cry on Tumblr and be cranky and irritable about the topic for a while. Seriously, just lightly, lightly going "hey you should change your diet" to someone who's 400lbs on the internet, they'll probably just get mad and hold a grudge, and shit talk you on a stream with other bitter fatties.

All that said, this series is about gawking at interactions! Names will probably be censored if I remember, faces would be too low-rez and compressed to tell apart. On with the cringe!

Jan '21 ineraction between ALR critic #millionbillion and FakeName.

Now, when I look back on the things I'd like to post... I might have to spend some lazy night trawling through files from 2014-18 on an HDD, and that might be fun, IDK, didn't do it yet.

Now, everything intertwines. Recently, people loooong after the fact, woke up and went "hey, uh, everyone on the Internet is a bot or shill!" but they don't understand how FAR it goes, that there's the 33 Orange club who all freely (free of charge, a service done for FREE) shill to cover each other's sinister asses. Some people realize NOW (Jan 2021) about the massive sex inversion, which was called "Traanspocaalypse" (I hope that doesn't become a keyword) (also to be safe, I spelled it wrong, DWI, I learned the hard way about censorship and shills).

"Fake Users" are a part of Dead Internet Theory or DIT as it's currently called. It could also be called "Empty Internet".

[this WILL be kinda long and rambly, so I'll come back and finish it later. tomorrow I might try to dig up classic old pictures so people can enjoy them a few days later.]

Jan 06, 2021