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Q: Why are there no Black quidditch teams?
A: Because they keep beating up the snitches

That said, so. Looks like nobody around here supports the attack dogs and roid-raged, trigger-fingered fatsos that shoot caged dogs because they're easy targets, and also they steal things from innocent people and auction them off, and run meter scams.

And likewise, no one likes snot-nosed whiny brats that didn't get enough spankings to toughen them up. If there's one good thing about having to live with a substance abuser, it's that you toughen up fast. And learn that no one is on your side. You just can't depend on people, that's not the way things are.

For all I've rambled about school, so far I haven't quite gotten to fond PE memories. They really were genuine, actual fun, and I haven't been up to date on whatever flavor of the week bullshit children these days get crammed into their vax-riddled skulls, but I heard PE has been phased out, like Home Ec has, a while ago. Might vary from state to state, and among nations.

One person somehow managed to run an underground "dodge ball" thing. He worked at a YMCA, which had foam balls (repeat: foam balls), but there were rules about hitting people with said foam balls. I got smacked in the face with a basketball, and I can type just fine. It's not a big deal. Anyway, this guy missed classic PE, and wanted children to know what fun it was! So he ran an underground "dodgeball", with participants of elementary school age.

Then some stupid twerp got bonked by a foam ball (not a basketball), and then the brat cried to the authorities, and I forgot how the rest of the story went, but that kid learned about the consequences of ruining an awesome thing for everyone.

I guess the morality of snitching is a foggy thing. You're morally obligated to report underground sick shit that actually hurts people, but guess what. The cops are fully aware and even participate in certain underground things, and they clearly support it and won't turn on anyone who bribes them to keep it secret. And if they participate, they won't arrest the people responsible anyhow.

You don't need to be told what's moral or immoral, what's horrible and what's awesome.

Dec 07 2020