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The fascinating things. The things that leave their marks in our memories. Some things that seem mundane and bland to adults, can really leave a fascinatingly deep impact on a child. Why is that? What's so special about it? Is it happenstance, like if something bad happens while a person is eating strawberries, suddenly strawberries remind that person about the horrible thing that happened? What causes phobias? Could it be that the mom being frightened by something, left a fear imprint on her unborn child?

The questions never end. But my theory right now is, being spooked, unsettled, disturbed, confused, made uneasy - these emotions remind us that we're alive. Life is boring, frustrating, bland, stupid, and unfulfilling. Our lives and world are dead and fake. But when something truly spooky and paranormal happens, we get jolted out of our gray zombielike mindset, and realize there's more to life than just the things we see and touch. There's invisible forces and strange anomalies. And that means, there are things worth exploring out there. There are experiences to have.

Also I hate gratuitious gore. I seen enough real gore (that I wasn't even looking for), and that's enough of that. Red paint and vinyl guts are gross, but whoever made them is even grosser for thinking that's cool. You have no idea how many unbelievably sick bastards are making the world a worse and worse place, by the stuff they do with a cheap camera in a locked shed. That shit's not funny. Evil people can pretend to be normal in daily life, but the evil things they do, generate evil energy.

Nov 29 2020