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After giving this a break, something I was meaning to get to, was, less is MORE. What Pokemon Gen 2 did was amazing, it was a true marvel of data compression and set a super high bar for what gameboy games could be. Not only was it cleaner in presentation, the sheer amount of content was just astounding. Crystal had so MUCH content.

What everyone complains about, on the modern web, is that data transfer speeds are way faster today, but websites are more bloated and full of filler BS. They're also full of trackers and nefarious, evil things.

Imagine a game like Zelda 1 (incomprehensible to me, and saving doesn't work on the GBA version... ugh), but instead of only a tiny filespace, it had 1mb for a game of its caliber to play with. Imagine all the content. The characters. The possible dialog trees. The things to do. The dungeons, the areas, the items, the easter eggs.

When Pokemon g2 was announced and said that you could "breed" pokemon, my imagination ran wild. I imagined pokehybrids like fantastical mules and tigons, or wilder things. The end result, was pretty underwhelming in comparison. Well, they couldn't design and impliment perfect hybrids of aaaaallll mons. I can't remember if they even made miltank/tauros work properly, and the Nidos were famously broken. As in, programmers made an error that stuck with the lore.

I used to fantasize about games I could make, if i had the means. Yeah when I was dumber, I wanted to wow and impress people by doing the same thing as everyone else, but to a greater extent. Pissing contests, one-upping. That actually gets you NOWHERE.

Sites generally only care about looking "good".... as in what, bloated, slow, clunky, "loading", oversized, hostile to people with poor internet connections? There's always, ALWAYS been a middle finger to people of lower income and smaller means. Even in 2000, many websites were just giving the finger to people with dial-up, and telling them to get broadband so they could get more cluttery SHIT in their temp internet folders. And cookies and other weird things you shouldn't trust.

My point about Pokemon G2 was, so yeah those Nintendo carts had different filespaces. You may remember weight differences between Mario 64 (6-8mb) and Zelda Ocarina (32MB), and some N64 games were 64MB, but I didn't have those. So the N64 needed the ram upgrade for some games or something, but that same system played a 6mb game and a 32mb game just fine. Same way. And like that, this site would fit right in easily with the stingy old puny filespace limitations of the 2000s, and it fits in right here, with even more POTENTIAL! But I can't imagine what I would put in here that'd be so huge. It would take years and years to grow, and sometimes things come to a sudden end. That's why, if you like something, SAVE IT!!

I keep bringing up "you know whats", those vapid, shallow people whose only cares and obsessions are money and "looking good" (but they're actually ugly. Having 1000 other uggos say "oh they're so pretty and cool" doesn't make them either, and those asskissers are also vapid and devoid of anything good, so their opinions don't matter), they run the world, they call the shots. Who's the prince of this world, and the power of the air? Who can make bootleg lifeforms, but can't give them souls? Crack open a Bible (KJV) sometime. Or I'll put more text files in here. Vapid, shallow "people" who only care about money and fashion and nothing else, the things they make reflect who made them. That really sums it all up. Everything that is made, reflects who made it. Handwriting, drawings, scultpures, interactive media, music. The more filtered and processed things are, the more fake and empty they are. Like processed "food". Mass produced garbage with no value. The raw, immediate, fast, coarse things, those are things that come from the dirt that God made. The raw, basic creations that come from rough, natural people, those are the things with character.

Look at plants outside. See the dirt and rocks, the plants growing all sloppy. With bugs eating their leaves. The rusty old junked cars from the 30's, covered in dirt, with big trees erupting out of where the engine used to be. Moss cakes their outsides, and more saplings sticking out from the cab. Go into the forest sometime. It's not like sterile fake plants made of plastic and fabric, that fall over and are embedded in flimsy brown plastic foam.


Dec 01 2020