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I'm gonna have to make some pages to explain some of this stuff... I don't wanna do a bunch of "../../" typing, so it'd be easier to just put pages directly in here.

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Jesus Christ, Judas' betrayal of Christ, Sheep destruction imagery, Goat reverence imagery, Love of Money is Root of All Evil, No New Thing under the Sun, Satan is Prince of Power of the Air and this World,
"Judas Goat", Common Bible-derived phrases and expressions, All images depicting "JC" actually depict the Antichrist, Handsigns (make page), Numerology & Gematria (mk pg), Catholicism is Paganism, Quickening of Days, Flat Earth, 501C3 "Voice", "a third of the angels fell with (satan)", Unicorns and Dragons, KJV is actively being obscured, Swear No Oaths,
Esoteric Bible-related things, Satanists know the Bible Thoroughly, Pastors are fat and steal money, Church's pet "Distant Oppressed War-Torn Lands" are a hoax, Paul is a Fraud and Deceiver, Missing Eyes and Fingers ("idle shepherd"), Tares (P-Zombies), Revelation, Catholicism is beyond paganism, Hell is made for fallen angels, Giants, Flood Ruins,
Everything is Inverted, Pastors are satanic and inverted, Seeing & Hearing not, Revelation's true meaning, Tyra (island) is Atlantis, Fallen Angels actually live on Earth, Nephilim, No New Thing under the Sun, Death is more profitable than Birth, Long Day/Night,
The Bible is Literal, the Mega-Elites don't use money or own property, Signs & Symbols rule the world,

Apes aren't mentioned, Dinosaurs aren't mentioned, "Outer Darkness" doesn't have balls in it,

Nov 24 2020