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Paul: A fraud, egomaniac, and murderer of Christians. Deliberately contradicted Christ. Jesus never mentioned Paul ever, all fat inverted pastors are obsessed with Paul. Beatles' "Paul is Dead" ARG thing may have been a reference to this. That's how important the Bible is to the controllers of the world. (make page)

Pool of Bethesda: Where Jesus healed a paralyzed man. This pool had five porches, and an angel would routinely jitter the waters. It would heal a person once a day.



Rainbow: After draining the water after the Great Flood, God changed the properties of the Firmament, to allow this phenomenon to happen. Because a significant part of why there was a Great Flood in the first place was due to... things God really hates (when you see the skeletons, you'll understand why), the image of the Rainbow has been claimed by a certain group of people who really hate God and do everything they can to enrage Him.


Satan: "Accuser". The father of all lies, and the planter of the Tares. Prince of Power of the Air (Airwaves, electricity), fell "like lightning from Heaven". Currently resides on Earth.

Solomon: A wise king, but it's hard to say where the line's drawn between the actual original Solomon, and a probable derivative character of the same name, who is said to have commanded 72 demons. Original Solomon had many wives who were into some pretty suspicious things.


Tr*nsp*c*lypse: Bring it up, watch what happens.

t (visual): Lowercase t. Can look like a crucifix, or "dagger" character. Secretly stands for "testosterone".



Venus: Morning Star (a glowing disk of the same properties of the Sun and Moon, different from regular stars). Associated with castrati / MTF / Swyer. Character is "a hand mirror", for makeup. Hint hint.


Watchers: A class of angels? IDK.

Wormwood (star): A star mentioned in Revelation, that is cursed and bitter, and will fall to earth... soonish. Was the plant named after it, or...?


X (visual): "Cross". A mark on a map. Scottish crucifix. Stuff like that.



Z (letter): A sharp "s". You might have noticed those details about the shapes of characters and what they represent. Z is associated with lightning, electricity, the buzz they make, and oddly, sleep. For some reason. Maybe because "to be asleep" could mean to be under the influence of a strong illusion spell, or living in a mental fantasy land.

Zebra: Apparently there was a tradition to paint equines varying stripes.

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Nov 24 2020