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There's a lot to get into, sooo I already ranted a bunch in Fake Money, so I'll just throw in other people's work. Remix culture!!

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Just gonna add to this list of stuff right here.

Anon Botted FB
Anon Botted FB Img (cmp)
Polbots 2 (cmp)

Jan 07, 2021

People are RAPIDLY!! waking up real fast, I'm truly astounded! Some years of toiling away at getting truth out, FINALLY at long last, FINALLY people are getting it, and now we OG "crazies" can take a break! So I just encourage them, add to the discussion, help out in small ways. But soon it'll be OUR vacation time!

Dead Internet #27255405 grab 1
Dead Internet #27255405 grab 2
- Bill Gates buzzwords & AI articles
- I usually hide the Nobody threads...
- TYT / Narrative Science
- Twitter Bots
- Derailment, resized.
- Jimmy Savile, resized
- "playboy_capote"
- "youtube nobody meme"
- hastily compressed image of Scott the Woz (deepfake persona?)
- "without_streisand_effect"

Some secret f-m's (yeah that's another discreet phrase, gonna need them) is immediately trying to take the wheel and dictate to randos, who is or isn't a bot based on how afraid the loudmouth control freak declaring people are bots is. That was an ugly sentence. Well, they're scrambling to cover their fat bitch asses, but the truth's gonna come out. The PURPOSE of botnet, is to prevent real humans from interacting online, because really wonderful amazing things happen when real people communicate. F-M's want to control it. Also I love how those two letters "F-M" could be interpreted different ways and they cover a few characteristics with just two letters. Hahaha. Uh, this'll make sense later.

Because F-M's got mad that humans had the NERVE to wake up, they're now attempting to drive the newly-named /DIT/ threads and yell about how wrongthinkers are bots, and the thread got shitter and shattier, and I guess the current one sucks now.

That's how it goes when you don't understand the giant evil club. It's a big big club, humans aren't in it.

I probably won't bother much with the next threads.

Jan 06, 2021

Got a REALLY good thread from a little corner that sees much shillery. One of the best things I read in a while. Omitted the usual garbage posts and left the good stuff.

Dead Internet #27247782 grab 1
Dead Internet #27247782 grab 2
Dead Internet #27247782 grab 3
-- Anon's WIP
-- Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies
- "Algorithm Dictatorship" (Long post w/ Shaggy, Chuck, and JC Denton)
- Anon Clan
- Bot Attack Post
- Bots on 8chan (this time I levels-tooled it)
- Referring to the "Clockwork Orange Bot"
- Bot's response to basic word strings
- Probably a roleplay comment
- CIA Visits /pol/
- I sure hope this file won't give me problems...
- Acephale1
- Some French portrait someone posted
- Blue/black image, resized
- Hate/Evil
- "Healthy Tree of Life", suppressed image?
- Some /pol/ rant. Hope this file won't cause trouble.
- No idea, but someone put effort in. I compressed.
- Virgin Shill vs Chad Nobody
- Catalog screenshot
- "xmans"
- That interesting older thread is back, but far more recent than I remembered...

BTW, I cut the bickering about N_xp_, because it was obvious that was the flavor of thread-sliding. They'll stage arguments and shitpost nonstop to bump limit the thread. When they're not making "summon succubus gf" and the birth charts and other shitty sliding threads.

I'm reminded of that old long, long post from that mega old guy, that's somewhere hidden around a corner on this site. He recalled seeing what seemed to be a very inquisitive chatbot. Interesting.

Yeah, there's... Been much to think about lately.

Also, some threads are made solely to try to "tombstone" in the catalog. So some dead threads die so someone can get a gimmicky screencap.

Jan 05, 2021

: IIRC one of those "click test" things.

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