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According to "history", USA currency used to be backed by metal. I seen collections of bank notes that said stuff about having some metal value, but then again I seen plenty of "ttly reel "dinosaur bone fragments and meteors!!", so who can say.

Anyone reading this might remember a time when cash, backed by debt, was how it had been for decades. As an American, I speak from that perspective and experience, but I'm sure those in other "first world countries" (why are they called that?) would have the same culture. In 2000, dropped bills were a frequent sight, but after 2008, there was a very, very sharp decrease in dropped money. $20 that would hide under bushes and in ditches. Probably due to the increased usage of online payment services. Today, dropped bills are the scarcest they've ever been.

The Internet existed previously as something universities and militaries would use, then slowly Star Trek furry shut-ins that made all their money programming those newfangled large calculators, gradually developed the glorified telephone network into the parallel "world" that shut-in weeaboo yiffers live on today.

Printing is a real thing that is done with real machines, real ink that has to be made of real materials, on real cotton paper with other fibers, and real labor is involved to create this physical product. People have to be paid, resources have to be bought. And this stuff has to pass several tests to deter counterfeiting, that's advanced stuff.

Digital currency? What do 1s and 0s cost, after the machines have been invented and produced, and software has been developed. Convenience is always the #1 killer of previous methods and tools. Any abandoned or forgotten way of doing things, is gone or largely phased out due to convenience. And a huge, massive part of convenience is, not paying people. As in, not having employees.

But several decades ago, cheap products would be gold-plated, because labor was cheap. Products sold in the USA, were made in the USA, and there were potential workers in the USA who didn't demand much money. This is certainly not how things are today. Everything is outsourced, and anything that can be automated, pretty much is. And a very relavant detail is, how was $0.05 such a significant amount of money a hundred years ago?

There was less fake money in the currency pool. Fake money wasn't printed in insane quantities as it was in more recent decades. Now we're going to get into the good stuff!

According to faded murmurs, the startup of the Television Industry reads like a "T-A." Phonebook (figure it out yourself), and startups like that... At the time TV was in its pre-infancy, probably the general opinion of actors wasn't the greatest thing. A forgotten aspect of society was, before TV took off, people viewed actors as being prostitues or worse, because a prostitute gave someone a service and made physical contact. Although supposedly, people viewed actors as being prostitutes on the side. Basically, at the time, barely any regular people on the street had any faith in TV, and would have viewed it as a LeapFrog Gameboy type novelty thing with no major application, and they would not have invested. Today, people will wait for days in insanely long lines to get some new GameBox6000000 to play shooty shooty bang bang and pay more money for DLC.

For those skimming: Nobody back then would have viewed Television as a worthwhile investment, and at absolute best, a petty novelty. But TPTB knew what potential TV had... sometimes I sincerely, genuinely wonder if the future dictates the past. We're used to, "the past determines the future", but maybe time doesn't work that way.

TPTB printed up gobs of money out of just the materials, no backing other than the production itself. And it was every bit as spendable as money that funded actual jobs, actual labor, actual goods and services. The money used to pay farmers and builders, was now equal to money printed up out of materials with no other backing, and now the fake money was pouring in to the currency pool.

This is probably a part of why the Great Depression happened. The Roaring 20s, I'm speculating, was probably purely a product of the mass introduction of fake money, and people probably just thought it was a productive time. I recall something about AT&T Bell coming out of the Great Depression with a profit, though. The rise of telephones.

Gradually, over the decades, and certainly something veeeery strange happened during the WW2 era (remember, modern war is theater and staged photos!), and something about Operation Paperclip, twin births, and the "CIA Pickle Factory" (forcing girls to grow dicks before they're even born) caused the "Baby Boom" to happen, under the very convenient event of "soldiers with short arms and big hips come back home to hump hump hump", but something's fishy AF.

And that in itself is a direct parallel to the fake money devaluing the legit money. Now there's tens of thousands of guys, suddenly appeared out of nowhere, with a cover story. You know Boomers. They obsess over radio, news feeds, mass media, and the Tell-Lie-Vision with dramatic editing, actors in makeup and costumes being dramatic, and gripping, made-up stories, is their "god". It may not have been apparent when they were 15-30 back in their times, but today you know they're TV-licking zombies with no independent thought, only mindless consumerism and obliviousness to the way the world has changed. You can't just get a job on the spot because you talked to the manager anymore. Things aren't made in the USA anymore. They don't get this, because they were manufactured like a GMO crop or livestock clone freak animal thing, to exist specifically in one place and time.

The fake funding of TV and Mass Media startups, along with the mass production of P-zombies that worship said TV/MSM, has gotten us to where we are now. The Internet is now TV and Radio. Empty Internet.

So it's the early 90s, and there's a sharp increase of children without a proper future. They won't be smart enough to do much, but a few are just barely smart enough to write atrocious fanfiction and draw hideous Barney Dinosaur mspaint lewds. People too stupid to function well, but smart enough to use computers... HMMMMM MAKES YA THINK

... It's like TPTB knew back in 1991 that Reddit, Facebook, 4chan, Discord, and Youtube comments were going to be a thing, and prepared for it... Maybe time isn't linear and direct.

But what funds these useless polluters of the shrek x shadow hedgehog mpreg "information superhighway". Who pays spendable money that could be used to pay movers and gardeners and tip the waiter, on useless morons whose sole purpose is to make things worse for people just trying to have a conversation because their friends aren't around and the people just want to get a discussion going.


Moved out some tangents and tidied this up. - Jan 12, 2021

About Monopolies

(Paraphrasing what someone else said)

If a looot of printed fake money was made up, to fund a startup of a bread production company, they could mass produce cheap bread at a very low cost. The sheer scale of it, would still get a bit of a profit, and undercut real bakers whose livelihoods depend on selling bread to locals.

This company could then start producing their own flour. Or before then, if they buy insane megatons of flour, flour producers would probably give them a special bulk discount. A perk of TTOC creeps who do dealings with other 33orange creeps, is they give each other discounts. Lots of under the table stuff, and favors. Things that other people not in the club, or not in such good standing, would not get.

Basically, the bread production company would just stomp out all the little guys. You see this right now with Amazon vs little stores. Amazon will even take a loss, just to undercut someone. This recent "virus scare" has been a nail in the coffin for so many small business owners.

And everyone knows, when "paper money is too dirty and unacceptable"... It's coming. You'll know it when it comes.

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Nov 28 2020