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₪Shekels₪ (rubs hands together)

For real, this sign ₪ looks like hands rubbing together, and that's hilarious!

Money is the lifeblood of how the System works. And they will pretend that the world still has separate systems, and that some countries are "enemies", but all the world's a stage and everyone's a player. Save for like, 5% of the total population, and that's being generous. Does that sound strange? Keep your eyes and ears open, pay close attention. You'll start to notice some fishy things. Nothing's as it seems, everyone says that, but for real, pay attention. Ask questions. Take note of the things that don't add up. If it doesn't make sense, somebody is lying.

This page could stand some growth over a while. There's a lot to get into.

Money wasn't a thing at the very beginning... And that would raise questions about why Cain killed Abel if money didn't exist, but that's a discussion for some other time. But money doesn't have to be legal tender as we commonly know it, it can even be abstract things. Time is money, effort is money, affection, attention, favoritism, goods and services, those are money. Just not exactly legal tender.

Who's completely, utterly obsessed with money? That's an easy answer, but the real answer is way more than just that group. It's in every single group, save for Christ's Sheep. The diehard obsession with money is all over the world, in every single community, and because it's been that way since civilization was a thing, we've all been marinated in that culture of money worship.

We're forced to go to prison "school" and get utter BS and garbage drilled into our heads (war is fake, major historical figures didn't exist, seriously take a close look at those "war photos", they're doing masonic poses and playing dead. Or just laughing. Also they sure have big hips and short arms, huh. Theater of War. And don't even get me started on "outer space" and "dinosaurs" and "apes". Cuz those are a bit off topic.

And we're constantly shouted at from all angles, that we "need to make money", like it's vital to life, like water and breathable air. Wild animals don't have money. Plants don't have money. God takes time out of His day to take care of wild animals and plants.

Even people who make enough money to just get by and be comfortable with that, get yelled at by "family" (Hint: you don't choose your family, and existence isn't what we're told it is. It's much... stranger) that we're not making enough (even though we clearly are, we just have to be super frugal), and it never ends. People aren't content to be richer than you, they get mad at you for not caring about money.

USA currency is no longer backed by metal, but who can say for certain that it ever was? Things can be made up last week and said to be "several years old". History's a lie, they find "new fossils" and make up BS numbers about it, every week. This is people's jobs, BTW. They get paid spendable legal tender to make shit up. Things that do not benefit anyone, and instead only pollutes minds.

Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today. But if you ask for a raise, it's no surprise that they're giving none away.
Nov 28 2020