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The "TTOC" I'll now call it here, and I don't want to overuse highly-flaggable phrases that Discord groups could find easily and arrange a mass harassment and report attack campaign. Oh they WILL! do that, it's a key part of how this TTOC has ALWAYS behaved. They have the numbers now that they've been the majority for 200 years or so.

I know for a FACT that their current incarnation has been going on for over 150 years. Beyond that, can't really say. History's a lie, many "ancient" bullshit things are very recent inventions and given a "(c) 100000 years BC" date, or something. Ever heard theories about the main timeline being fake? A bs "1,000 years" was added to "our timeline" by the Catholic Church (CC! but CC is everywhere on purpose, by design.) for some spookydoom fear event. I guess that one got memory holed and swept under the rug. They'll do everything they can to erase REAL history, and REAL history is petty events that affect people, but later on it gets memory-holed.

Signs and Symbols rule the world, and there's tens of thousands of little tiny commonplace, overused Signs and Symbols, and discreet phrases that we've become "noseblind" to. The sheer overexposure means normal people don't quite pick up on them, but NOT-normal people (usually initiated club members) are told to keep a keen watch for them. There's infinity gorillion things to watch for. Then the question becomes about quality. But we don't need to bother with that crap, it's all garbage. Highly polished turds at best.

This is a delicate topic, and there's a whoooole massive shitfest about it, with controlled opposition, and talking about things like this and sex inversion (How to VISUALLY IDENTIFY baffos), will get you censored.

The devil sows confusion and blurs lines. There are a few straggling human phrases that remain, among them are "marry a woman with small hands / childbearing hips" (Avoid castrati / Swyers), and "never trust a "man" with beady eyes / full beard" (Avoid martins or women on T / bearded women). Baffos, and this is a really REALLY hard pill to swallow, but finally some people actually got it, but they're the majority as of the past 100 years. They've spent their duration as the MAJORITY, now that the days of "when men were men, and women were women" are long past, they've rewritten history. Or revised past lies. The "history of the world" is FICTION, and NONSENSE, and every week it gets retconned.

Tribalism / Discrimination

Connections are everything for the TTOC, it makes or breaks them. Being in the TTOC enables baffos of all ages, races, incomes, areas, origins, departments, to have access to other baffos. But they're tiered. The pyramid shape they love so much, represents the shape of the societies they want to make. A mass of "useless eaters" at the bottom, middle merchant classes, and the elite upper classes that don't even do any real labor.

No matter how much baffos or their factions hate other baffos and factions, they are ALL baffos and evil factions, they are ALL made by the devil, and no amount of infighting would ever make them reveal the other. No matter what. "All for one and one for all", that is the baffo motto. No matter if they're KKK or BLM, if they're "redpill" martins who rely on "pickup game" to play pretend they're not dickgirls, or "feminist" castrati with fake tits who bash on and oppress actual real women, they will not EVER out each other as baffos or satanists. They might call each other pedo or gay, but they're ALL pedo and gay. Oh we'll get to that. We will. Probably another page, another day. "Rainbow symbolism and what it stands for".

Their job is essentially to pad out the "simulation", because the sky itself, the optic layer of the Firmament, is itself simulated, and who's to say that there isn't an on-the-ground, touchable clay simulation that takes up space and resources, and roams around doing routine things. You're surrounded by p-zombies. P-zombies exist to pad out the simulation.

What do the million zillion church denominations, buddhism, odinism, hinduism, whatever other "ye shall not die but be as gods" bullshit have in common? PADDING OUT THE SIMULATION. Look at them. With your eyes. LOOK. Hear their vocal qualities and words. Baffo BULLSHIT. Lies. Trash. Misdirection. They're the same as the BoS, the Enclave, the FoA, the CoA. They're fiction. No one believes in "odin". Odin is like Thor from Marvel Comics. Their "gods" are like that shitty llama thing from Pokey men, or those modeled but unanimated gold statues from Zelda Ocarina.

Signs & Symbols

A favored classic symbol is the square pyramid. You'd think the triangle pyramid would be their favorite, cuz 3 triangles would be a 33 in itself, but for whatever reason, they prefer the square one. Probably because of the 4 basic elements or directions. Note that directions are weird for bs "world" vs real Flat Earth, but that's another page for another day. Basically, on a flat piece of paper, you have N E S W. Basically "up, right, down, left". On real Flat earth, North is outer wall, south is center dot, east is clockwise, west is counter clockwise.

So, keep a lookout for pyramids. They usually only show one facet, namely the iconic "Illuminati pyramid", a square pyramid, often with a levitating capstone. A is a pyramid with a capstone but no dividing line at the base. $ is "isis" but imagine the letters are lined up 3D, and you look at it from a side angle and see the $ silhouette. They're very clever with their favorite symbols.

Anyway, Orange = 33 in Chaldean numerology. So many English words and phrases are 33 in Chaldean gematria.

Basic quick list:
- Brick building motif / "builders" / "great architect" / Square & Compass
- Transformation symbolism. Butterfly is most popular.
Arguably beetles and frogs and other metamorphising critters would fit in, but the butterfly is overwhelmingly preferred. They like Monarchs, because they're orange, poison, and named for royalty. Viceroy is probably too much of a poseur for them. Sometimes they show Tiger Swallowtails, whose yellow / black stripes might call to mind lightning.
- Reflection / mirrors / "as above so below" / "through the looking glass"
- Duality / repetition.
Many suspicious usernames are repeating, redundant, and have significant numbers attached.
- Too many numbers to get into, but a few big ones are 33 (natch), 23, 32, 44 (death destruction), 55 (satan), 42 (IDK), 88 (HH), 777, 666, 999
-- Really, the way characters like letters and numbers are rotations, they'll utilize that. WW, MM, EE, 33 all go together. Some shapes might be sharp or curved, but they're kinda creative with distorting shapes sometimes. The main idea remains the same.
-- They insist on putting genders into their usernames, like "MrOrange33", or "MsButterfly777" or "Mrs. Optimus Optimus", or something. "The guy from __", "___Man", "Lady___". They're afraid of people just forming assumptions that would be naturally correct.
-- Similarly, they love to plaster up "gendered signifiers" like pastel pink with flowers and fashion accessories (and those are for boys lol), or steel-blue with images of trucks and tools. Just to shove a HINT HINT HINT at their pronouns.
- Handsigns. Probably be its own page. Devil horns are most iconic, but there's crotch triangles ("has vagina"), magic wand hands, holding pole hands ("tucker"), "as above so below" pose, many more.
- In addition to orange, other favorite colors and fashion accessories are Red (masculine/hot), Blue (feminine/cold), Black/White in equal proportions (duality, like checkerboard, or zebra painted stripes), Purple, Purple/Orange combos, Red/Blue checker/duality patterns. Chokers are to hide adam's apples on swyers/tuckers, Victorian dresses with huge skirts hid packages, neckties and v-shirts are to give illusion of longer necks on martins, bowties resemble butterflies, tuxedos are more black/white stuff.
- Sideways is 33 in Chaldean Gematria. Plus, it's a deviation from "standard orientation", and these people are sideways, alright. Who would upload a photo without rotating it. Too lazy, or does it have significance?
- Secret handshakes / Dogwhistles. "You a traveling man?" "Why yes, I traveled to the east in search of knowledge."
-- Secret knocks & passwords at fake business fronts, or to access secret menus
-- "Tell them myname sent you"

Interruptions / Tangents / Comments

- (Discord rant) and Discord is now the latest most convenient toy, but the most recent and popular in a LONG line of tools, for discreet gathering of sinister douchebags to use to conspire against normals.
- "Megaphone" is an app from 2010's, probably earlier, that was for a particular division of the TTOC, to use to find a particular flavor of wrongthinker, to try to harass off the internet.

- Another common thing about their usernames, is they "need" to plant an idea into your head. They'll frequently say things just to plant an idea in your head, before you'd get any thoughts of your own. Obviously this will reveal them. They shoot themselves in the feet half the time.

- (Bible probably isn't translated twice) it really makes you think. KJV Bible could be in its "original form", something close to original. Wonder where those books came from. Nothing new under the sun, it's entirely completely possible they had something resembling our Internet back then, maybe it was more like teletype and stuff, but who knows what info was purged. The TTOC will bash on the past, demonize the past, LIE about the past, because they lie. They are of their father the devil. Jesus said it. Jesus said PLAINLY that there are freaks made by satan, not by God, and they're the enemies of real humans. This is vitally important.

[Tangent] Jesus Christ was here not ~2000 years, that is probably, not kidding, completely and utterly serious here, but more like 200-300 YEARS AGO, shortly before Victorian Era. 200% serious, Jesus was here only a few centuries ago. TTOC does have the ability to "rewrite "history"" to fit their agenda of the month. They are PETTY, and they WILL do petty little things like lying about dates. Also the world itself is probably not even "6,000" years old but 2050ish. Yes, I said the world is probably a bit over two thousand years old. But with time going fast, time isn't constant, linear, or consistent. Early, early, EARLY days were probably longer than weeks are today, no joke, being literal here. God could make the world in 6 big huge enormous days. However long it took for the sun to get fired up and complete his tracks and shut down for the night.

[Off-topic] Also I just tried using the "thorn" character on here, and it got corrupted, so I guess no thorns on this site. (For those who don't know what "thorn" is, it's if p and b had a baby that only said "th".) Cuz I would have wrote it like (thorn) (thorn) O C, but without spaces, to make it harder to search, but. Can't do.

(Comparing false relgions to Fallout) Apart from all being in the same media franchise, what do the Brotherhood of Steel, NCR, Caesar's Legion, Followers of Apocalypse, Lamplight, Megaton City, Rivet City, the Enclave, Children of Atom, what do they aaaaaaallll have in common? Some talk about spiritualism, others about achievments in chemistry and agriculture, political control of areas, but what do all those fictional factions have in common. THEY'RE FICTION. They're there to pad out FICTION, and give it "depth" and "variety". But they're all baffo models with baffo VA's, with dialog lines written by baffos, modeled, textured, programmed by baffos, published and distributed by baffos. Baffos all the way down.

[Tangent] Orange is their official color, because English is actually a highly modified version of Chaldean, the original Chaldeans are probably now the British Isles (and all their new citizens lol). Names can be changed. They can do that. They can change names and draw fake maps. Hell, they keep updating the fake ball earth model, so why not maps and names. Greenland might not even exist, IDK. Delaware USA certainly doesn't! Fake state!

Jan 07, 2021