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Sex Inversion

(I bring this up so much, that it gets its own page. Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V.)

Sex-Inversion, the reason WHY baphomet has a DNA-dick and tits, and is a humanoid/goat/bird thing with the fire on the head... Man, that's a lot of symbols. The phallus is the cadeucius, because the medical institution is a HUGE part of this. They tell you "xx male is very rare", BULLSHIT those are the majority. They officially treat Swyer syndrome (vagboys) with horse piss pills and fake tits. They FORCE hermaphrodites to be born, and then FORCE them to grow up to be the WRONG thing.

Baffos don't have free will, because they're not made by God, or they started off human, got asked "hey can you keep a secret? Can you keep a BIG SECRET? You wanna know something really neat? Okay but you have to denounce Christ permanently. Not buddha, not shiva, not odin or zeus or whatever, you have to denounce Jesus Christ and no one else, and we'll tell you something really really interesting". That's how it begins. Some dumbass believes in outer space, apes, volcanoes, nukes, whatever flavor of the month shit some baffo in a labcoat says on TV or in a magazine, and they think "well if this is an outer space ball of evolved monkeys and dead dinos, what's there to lose about denouncing that guy the catholics show all those gruesome scultpures of?" That's the plan, and women fall for it hook, line, and sinker. I specified women in particular, because... Most women have been snared by the cult, and are usually forced to reveal themselves. They get garish hideous lisa frank vomit tattooes, neon hair, a million facial piercings, they're fat and abuse alcohol and RX meds, and they act super elite buddy buddy with other fat neon pincushions that can't control their fingers.

Women will also get pounced on if they enter a relationship with a martin. If their mom or aunt or whoever finds out that some woman is with some guy (Guise. not a Man.), then they start pressuring her to quick get married really really fast, then start pressuring for A SON A SON!!! GET A SON!!!. But wait, I thought it was X or Y sperm that determined the sex of a child! (Then I found out there's a LOT of lies...) But wait! Auntie has a trick up her sleeve! Auntie says fluff about "god" (lowercase) and fake jeebus (not the real Jesus Christ... remember, baffos are bootlegs, they have bootleg things of the same names of the real things), but out of the same mouth, Auntie says stuff about planets, dinosaurs, apes, nukes, war, news events... But Auntie turns out to be suspicious AF, and has a million secret things she does when no human eyes are present. Auntie has a secret potion (made of dog and pig testicles) that will GUARANTEE!! a "son". Rather, if taken at the right time, that potion will GUARANTEE a girl with a micro. Hormones cause hermaphrodites to happen, not "chromosomes". I guess androgen blockers is how they make Swyers, and that goes back well over 100 years, I can tell you that for sure! There's ancient Chinese 300yo stuff about boiling down pregnant horse urine to get "crystals" of special properties, who knows how they got androgen blockers. BTW, speaking of Asians, you know why Japanese porn is so harshly censored? The SIZE of their ladies (laddies) clits is GARGANTUAN. Probably no joke, actually bigger than a martin's micro.

The casual ignoramus wonders "why do men (martins, actually) have nipples, why do women have clits, what's the appendix?". The person who realized things, has a different set of questions. The SKELETON determines sex, the genitals are soft flesh that could be formed wrong during early fetushood. The real question is, male and female skin is of different makeup and quality. Male skin is close-fitting, thin, and rough. Female skin is soft, has fatty tissue that can't be lost because it's fatty construction tissue, not energy storage fat per se, and it's looser on women. Different textures and qualities. However, even real men have nipples and appendices. What's the mysterious "appendix" for, and why is a section of a book named after it? IDK, but I'm thinking, it's an inactive unformed womb in a male. Swyer syndrome would have that "appendix" be a small womb, that could hold a soulless test tube brat that would have to be implanted in. Martins have wombs, but I guess those are called "appendices" because looool he him people with beards can't get pregnant, silly!!! Oh, they can if they go to a lab... At a hospital. Discreetly. And they get "beer guts" because there's several years worth of pink and brown and black SLIME in there, because there's no vagina to eject that shit through. Yeah, no one ever tells you that.

Dec 15 2020