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Nibiru: idk some dumb planet shit

North Korea: Led by Kim Jong IL (plain text unfriendly name there), a probable hoax country. All images associated with NK are probably photoshopped, the military images are confirmed fakes, Kim Jong IL is a hilariously obvious FTM... hoax. Funny stories, but all fake.


Ozone Layer Hole: oh no get scared!!!


Paranormal Activity Curse (TV/movie): Some rumor made up for a marketing gimmick. Famous people and even nobodies in the CClub, do fake their own deaths.

Periodic Table of Elements: can be a hoax tool. There's the "classic elements of traditional alchemy", and what are freaks obsessed with. ALCHEMY. Mainly of the "animal hormone transformation" variety. Some people figured that obvious fake "elements" are "suddenly discovered and IMMEDIATELY a whole list of uses for it are established". Testing gets done that fast? Titanium was a big fad. Some pointed out, fake elements names are often diety-related.

Philosophical Zombies: Shallow humanoid impostors.

Pigs Began To Speak: Prophecy that one day, animals will wail and speak legibly to humans, and demand to know why mankind tortured and abused them. Some versions say grass will scream as it's walked on.

Prison Industrial Complex: the USA has the most prisoners of every country, most of USA's prisoner are Black Americans, who are encouraged to commit crimes, entrapped to commit crimes, and are then encarcerated and forced to do labor. Rap music and deliberate drug pumping into Black communities in USA, fuel the PIC, and is funded by the government. (idk much, really)


Q-Anon: something about gov leaks? idc, only bots and TV addicts eat it up. Real people talk to other Real People.
Voat Qanon
-- Voat's DEAD lol


Rippen: When you stand up on the Gravitron and end up in someone's back yard.

Rippen Tapes: Proof that the Rippen Man did indeed end up in someone's backyard.


Smithsonian Supression: Theory that Smithsonian Institute collects and hides, or perhaps destroys, who knows, true artifacts of real actual history. They promote hoaxes (dinosaurs, apes, volcanoes, outer space, etc) while hiding skeletons of actual giants, and information as to how Flat Earth actually works.


Tap Water Blacklist: Theory that individuals marked to be eliminated by the government, get poisoned water directed to their house's plumbing. People also suspect that whole communities like Flint Michigan, are targeted this way.

Tr*nsp*c*lypse: First you notice all famous people are inverted. THEN, you notice that commoners imitate them...
Sex Inversion

Trees are Mammals: Theory that trees were once mammals. Probably a joke.


Underground Military Bases, Deep: DUMB; there are stories about these from around the world. People say feeling deep, low-frequency underground tremors, means they're drilling down there. Goes with Hollow Earth.


Vril: Uhh "Vril Society" is either, long-haired vagboys using their hair as antennae to get "aliens" to talk to them, or some lizard worm parasite thing that gets into your eye. Probably both fictional, so.


Water is a Crystal: ? Water is really an unusual liquid we take for granted. Someone says the "experiments where you break it down into H and O is canned and fake", but idk much about that. But something about it being crystalline, having memory. Crystals do store "chaos energy" or something, and moonlight empties them out. Moon and water are highly associated, and they're feminine. Also water doesn't have viscosity, and can freeze in different ways. But I suspect that "Emoto" "experiment" was cherrypicked, but I never replicated it, so.


/x/: Guys rate my sigil, how do i summon succubus gf, rippen, here's my birth chart, palm reading thread



Zebra: Painted horse. Look at all the subtle commentary on it, in the form of gags and easter eggs.

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