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on Furries, etc
on Big Trees

From "VIB" Nov 21

anthropomorphic characters / furries are pushed so much in childrens fiction to push the evolution lie - to confuse the distinction between man and animal by mixing them. frequently anthropormophic characters are used in traumatic stories to grab the emotions and get people to empathize with them to further cement this. people talk about deaths in lion king or bambi inducing trauma. watership down is infamous for rabbit gore yet got a PG rating. they want people to believe in the evolution lie and to think man is a beast, to push the mark of the beast on them. "funny animals" seem pretty sinister to me. baphomet is a furry / animal human chimera. also they frequently eat the non-anthropomorphic version of themselves. [Picture]

emotional saturation / burnout.
fiction frequently asks it's audience to empathize and symphasize with it's characters to burnout peoples empathy and emotions. this includes fakality historical and news fiction in addition to labeled fiction.

teachers ask students to empathize with fictional or historical fictional characters and write about that.
now it seems most "people" can only have emphathy towards fictional characters.

people are out of room in their heart to care because their heart is filled with fiction and fake concerns.
people are primed to care about the fast food version of emotions and emphathy instead of the real food version, they can see things in fiction and care about things in fiction but in real life they cannot. the hyperstimulation of fiction numbed their senses towards real things like how fast food can numb childrens taste of real food. sensory overload breaking down the ability to process the senses, so that only the extreme artificial version can be detected. labcoats call this "supernormal stimulus".

toothpaste waste
There's an urban legend that toothpaste tubes have such a large hole because marketers were being pushed by their bosses to sell more, an engineer (or janitor) gives the suggestion to just make the toothpaste hole bigger so that they sell more.
It's sold as a feel good story but its really wasteful and sinister when you think about the poison fluoride.
Businesses are all about trying to sell people way more than they need, making a profit off of wasted resources.

there was this education video in school we had to watch of a tech hoax - artifical eye implant that was black or white (1bit color) and really low resolution - like 16x10 pixels or something.
they promoted it as the start of artificial eye technology.

someone pointed out that detroit looked empty even back in 2016. huge buildings yet few cars or people for it's scale.

earlier internet was more interesting, there was stuff like competently made yet weird fan games.

Big trees
From: STC

You guys have anything to say about big trees?

Just seems like a topic people dont talk enough about. How people get to a new land and the first thing they do is chop all the big trees down.

Looking into early history of seattle, i read somewhere the guy who first settled there immediately cut all the big trees down.

The bible has a few references that might be interpreted as huge trees.

Theres all those old timey photos of the teams of people chopping huge trees down.

The meme in the media of "crazy hippies" chaining themselves to trees and living up inside of them probably really happened with some of the huge trees, and so the media makes a meme and trivializes it.

Movies like fern gully arent prophetic, theyre allegories about the past.

Im sure LP could say more about avatar than i could.

What am i forgetting?


From: VIB
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020
Subject: Re: Big trees

They deliberately keep trees small.
It's not just removing the huge trees they want to stop trees from getting noticably large at all.
The government crowds trees together when planting so they can't get that large.
They also avoid planting fruit trees.

They don't want people to realize how impressive and vast creation is.
They want people to think spaceballs, fake robots, and tiny computers are impressive but overlook the real and much more impressive life right in front of them.

They allow the `giant sequoias` to remain so they can pretend there's only one special type of tree that gets really big because "muh evolution".
If there were any giant mustard trees they surely would've cut them down.

The flood presumably killed the pre flood giant trees, so the giant trees would be post flood trees that were just around for huge amounts of time.

I think trees probably harvest energy from the air a bit like power lines do.

Another reason for them to cut big trees down is to stop them getting in the way of powerlines and radiowaves.
If the trees harvest energy from the air maybe cutting them down increases the amount of availible energy for the power lines to suck up.
Controlled opposition fear mongerers talk about how they'll cut down all the trees because they'll get in the way of 5g - because officially 5g doesn't permeate through objects that much.

In avatar a plot point was the trees were augmenting the aliens mental capabilities.
Maybe in real life trees and plants are related to psychic powers that people have - people coming to the same topic or conclusion together without speaking, information that seems to be shared amongst people without talking.
Like a telegraph pole boosting signal at set intervals so it can arrive at it's destination.
Or like internet switches or phone switches - directing the message towards its desination by selecting the correct wires to send it through.


From: LP

man, these are really good thoughts. but im afraid i have none of my own. i'm surrounded by big trees, but not redwoods or anything mind-blowing. just rather large pines everywhere. idk what to say about that.

areas with high elevation, tend to have miniature plants and bugs. some high spots of land in the PNW i've been to, had itty bitty shrubs and thick little butterflies.

i remember that fishy but interesting "no forests on flat earth" video with the fake russian accent, and no russian language version. plus the title was misleading. whatever the point was, it wsn't that forests were a hoax, just that trees were smaller today.

also something something lorax and paul bunyon.

paul bunyon is an american titan tale.

that's all i got rn.


oh wait i just remembered - i HEARD that the uk doesn't have forests anymore (never checked for myself) because of irish wolfhounds that were too good. the wolfhounds killed the wolves and bears, letting deer and rabbits overbrowse and destroy all the saplings, and now the uk doesn't have forests anymore.

that's something someone said, i never looked for myself.