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That's kind of a broad category, and would include web comics (published and distributed OTI) that are done on paper, or would fit that aesthetic. So a webcomic drawn to resemble a newspaper comic, would fit in. But I'm looking for traditional, established ones. If I included indie, that's too much to sift through.

Where exactly do you draw the line between Doonesbury and Watchmen?


Scott Adams was advised by an editor to be careful about the inclusion of a "devil like character", as the 90's were a time of a "satanic panic" going on (there was one in the 80's), and some people assumed that the presence of a devilish character would signify "something particular" about the cartoonist or production company. Like the case with "Him" of Powerpuff Girls, or "The Red Guy" of Cow and Chicken.

Dilbert comic's devilish character was "Phil, the prince of insufficient light', brother of Pointy Haired Boss, and ruler of "Heck", where people get "darned" to, for a few hours for petty "sins".

Family Circus

A comic drawn by a 90's Disney's animator's dad. Many smart alec readers liked to come up with bizarre, esoteric "interpretations" of some odd drawings shown in Family Circus, including a sentient time-traveling plant, or weak "thin veils between the worlds" in areas where the line art would trail off.

Peanuts - Charles Schultz

Jan 15 2021