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There was something special about "crappy, old" graphics. They really fire up your imagination. The whole "every copy is personalized" stuff probably came from the variety of different interpretations of graphics and music, when the tech was so limited, and the makers of the games had to make do with what little they had.

Now feast your eyes on stuff I grabbed off of GIS! Also oops the Lynel image was a thumbnail, oh well.

I'm probably gonna copypaste that onto some other page I might make in the future. This stuff just adds a new layer of personal involvement. Instead of only the artists of the piece, dictating how things look and what they are, the player is given little context if any, and the player's probably 6-8 and hasn't really experienced many things like this before, IDK. It's a huge step up from solid-colored atari block shapes!

And even the supplementary art for NES games were so beautiful and humble back then. Look at this!

The ink drawings are so nice, the offset printing gives it a bit of accidental character... It used to be I was irked by errors and "mistakes", I thought sterile, "perfect" things were good. But now I see why the flawed, rough, coarse things with little "mistakes" are just so FULL of personality and individual touches. A human hand made this work of art.

(... I just fiddled with the files, why is it so washed out on Neocities, and so dark in my local files? What is this??)

Also, this:

I guess that's all I have to say about Pokemania for now. Maybe I'll make a page about human media in Whatever sometime.

Dec 07 2020