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Barbie: Famous doll modeled after an MTF nicknamed, "Barbie", and drew inspiration from little tiny lewd dolls that soldiers liked to keep. Early depictions of the Barbie character, gave "her" a snide expression, with detailed red nostrils. The red nostrils symbolized Barbie just snorted a few lines! You ever heard that?


Casino Royale: Some TV show, something about Writer's Strike... Deepfake conspiracy? Never watched it myself.
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Disney: The "story" behind Disney is just a cover. Walt Disney wasn't actually a real person, and this company has many ties to governments. Much has been written on it, so I'll give this its own page.


Fairly Odd Parents: Something about the "male" fairy giving birth because har har it's a joke, wink wink, life uh finds a way. Also.


Garfield (Jim Davis): Hermaphrodite cats are far, far more common than people would have you believe, and orange is the favorite color of the 33 Orange club. Hence why it's called that. Garfield was just created purely as a merchandising franchise character. It's had its hits and misses, and some entries to the Garfield brand, were surprisingly good, actually.

Gahool: Something about owls, IDK.


Harry Potter (series): JK Rowling is a fake person and a front for a writing team.

Homestuck: Most of its insane fans only joined like 2/3 of the way through the long, insane story, and only cared about the dumb shipping yaoi stuff, or whatever it was. It was the MLP of webcomics.
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iApple: Yeah, just referring to Apple / MacIntosh products in general. Original Apple home computer was priced at $666.66, and had the tagline "take a byte out of an apple". No one knows what the forbidden fruit actually was, but in the Greek language, "apple" and "evil" are the same word.


Jimmy Neutron: It's a "genre" of the "super smart egghead wonder child who defies physics and is CLEARLY a sorceror, OBVIOUSLY, but claims it's just "science and technology", okay sure bub. (grabs torches and pitchforks). Anyhow, adding this here because...


Kaiju (genre): Gojira and pals, knockoffs, King Kong, Cloverfield, etc.
Kaiju Actors 1
Kaiju Actors 2

King Kong: The following text images mention why King Kong was kind of dropped as a franchise.
Kaiju Actors 1
Kaiju Actors 2



Mario Bros.: "Mar-" means dickgirl.


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