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And somewhere I've mentioned how gatekeepy and cliquish the makers and producers of mass media that is especially aimed at children, are. So you're born into an evil and twisted world. And an early idea I had in mind, was that mass media is EXACTLY what most people talk about and fixate on. There are some fascinating (to me) cases of people going literally insane over media. Mainly these people can be found in particular fandoms, and they all act the same. But those individuals aren't the focus here. The culture that makes these people be the way they are, is the focus. Although it's been said that insane crazy fans of media franchises, would have once been monks and nuns. There's a thought to chew on. BTW, those are pagan things, Bible says don't do that.

Everything is outsourced now, and you know where things are being produced. One particular country made it a point to take full advantage of that. And, there are also alternative-thinking speculations, that those particular huge countries, figured out how to "baby boom" like no one's business.

Gradually, over the decades, and certainly something veeeery strange happened during the WW2 era (remember, modern war is theater and staged photos!), and something about Operation Paperclip, twin births, and the "CIA Pickle Factory" (forcing girls to grow dicks before they're even born) caused the "Baby Boom" to happen, under the very convenient event of "soldiers with short arms and big hips come back home to hump hump hump", but something's fishy AF.

And that in itself is a direct parallel to the fake money devaluing the legit money. Now there's tens of thousands of guys (not men, just guise), suddenly appeared out of nowhere, with a cover story. And these aren't just ordinary sensible guys, you know them. You know Boomers. They're TV zombies. They're P-zombies. They worship the almighty flickering altar of light. They obsess over radio, news feeds, mass media, and the Tell-Lie-Vision with dramatic editing, actors in makeup and costumes being dramatic, and gripping, made-up stories, is their "god". It may not have been apparent when they were 15-30 back in their times, but today you know they're TV-licking zombies with no independent thought, only mindless consumerism and obliviousness to the way the world has changed. You can't just get a job on the spot because you talked to the manager anymore. Things aren't made in the USA anymore. They don't get this, because they were manufactured like a GMO crop or livestock clone freak animal thing, to exist specifically in one place and time.

Yeah that just saves time, I don't wanna retype too much. Yeah, there are a few different varieties of fake people, but only one type of real people. In fact, that can be said of a LOT of things in our everyday lives. And if a country can produce billions of tons of cheap knockoff clones of respected products (or foodstuffs, why not), then why not take it a step up? Produce billions of fake humanoids. Turns out, there's a variety. P-zombies don't usually drop dead for no reason, but have you ever heard of robotoids? They don't go to "outer space", and "Peter Beter" is just... fishy. But you ever seen some weird zombielike TV person, acting like an animatronic, or even dropping dead on camera and the host tries to downplay it?

Anyway. To take a break from "that stuff over there" for a bit, why not have people talk about building things? Like basic structures out of wood. There's people who like to make little cabins or more advanced and imaginative structures outside.

The layout of a civilized area varies. In some places, houses are spread miles apart, but then there are cramped, overcrowded apartments in overcrowded cities. Meanwhile, much of the land outside is devoid of all human activity, save for the odd camping trip, but that's not a permanent residence. Some villages can only be accessed by plane or boat. There are all sorts of "out in the sticks" areas, in addition to cramped cities.

Some people say that mass transit, starting with trains (the superior mode of travel), and airplanes (WORST and BULLSHIT), and ships, many local communities and towns were killed. Think of ghost towns. And there are more, conspiracy theories I don't know much about yet, about roads deliberately cutting through residences, train tracks deliberately cutting through roads, USA traffic system being convoluted BS on purpose, "Agenda 21", and more. That I hope someone else writes a bunch about, cuz I can't do it.


Dec 08 2020