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Shaming, Bullying, Harassment

Jocks vs Nerds

This is something that's delicate, sensitive, and fascinating to dissect. Shame is a many-edged sword, that is used by various different groups, to achieve various different end results. Or that's the idea.

Gangstalking / targeted harassment, is something paranoid schizos (some of whom are shills pretending to be crazy!) keep going on and on about. "Targeted Individuals", "T. I." for short. It can be real, under particular circumstances. If the TI is a high-profile target, who got on "someone's" radar for doing something (((they))) didn't like. It usually takes the form of online harassment, but shills are "special" agents, gnome sane, and so they're very easy to throw off. Can't do much using a personal army of drooling speds shitposting on Discord.

There's shaming standard bad behaviors. Like shaming someone for stealing, or being rude, or careless. Then, there's the "policing" that goes on, in everday life. Baffos used to be much "better trained" for "passing", because before modern times, they didn't have such access to synthetic hormones and plastic surgery, as well as toupees and moonbumps, today. They also couldn't easily photoshop their portraits. Today's baffos are really sloppy, and rely on their massive numbers to "pass".

Ye olde baffos were brutal. You ever heard those stories about mild-mannered guys, who were considered "weak" and "sensitive" by their demented dads, who hated how their "son" was just a dickgirl, and not a cold-blooded, heartless monster. So they'd give their boi a bunny, then one day there's no bunny in the cage, but there's stew on the stove... Or even more extreme, forcing them to shoot puppies. No trigger warning, this shit is REAL, get your neon blue dyed head out of your enbie they ass, and face the facts. How about ruthless beatings? Foot binding? Ever heard about Chinese moms from back when footbinding was still in vogue, literally torturing their swyer "daughters" to destroy their feet? The evil, demonically-posessed "parents" would just go all out, traumatizing their inverted children and trying to shape them into soulless devil monsters.

This seems to have faded away into apathy. Most savage beatings don't come from "my dickgirl is being too girly and not enough of a sociopath for my liking", but rather the parent is a junkie, is jonesing, and they black out and just start thrashing their kid with the metal end of a belt, because they felt like it. Most beatings today, don't come from trying to break down, condition, and mentally fragment children, but out of alcoholic or pill-related blind rage.

Most likely, girls are reading this. (No, I will NOT respect your idiotic "pronouns".) Girls who aren't overweight, will nonetheless constantly be called "fat" by baffos. Even grandmartins and fat, dumpy, sloped-shoudler "he him" family members, schoolmates, coworkers. It's just petty, cruel bullying from p-zombies. They're just evil and literally soulless, one of the tells is they follow algorithms, act robotic, move in a robotic fashion, and mercilessly dogpile on any human. They're literally soulless demon things planted by the devil, Jesus makes that clear in the Parable of the Wheat and Tares. They are of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father they shall do. They're evil, cruel, mean, vicious, unjustified, rude, unwarranted, and they do this each and every single time. Best method is to bite back. Remind them that they don't have souls. Ask them why they're so ugly. Call their BS out, but don't waste your time or effort, keep it short and tear into them real good.

Also, from personal experience... If they only understand fists, then that's all they understand. They're violent. You ever been beaten up by a swyer? Got your hair yanked, got punched? If that's the only language they speak, well then.

They can just sniff out real people, the same way monsters and hostiles in a video game sniff out the player character, and ignore their faction differences so they can unite to fight the Player first. IRL, p-zombies are identical in every single way. Including the part where they run into a wall and get stuck in the geometry, or fall off a cliff when they try to pursue you.

P-zombies are also infamous bucket crabs. They spew shit out constantly, nonstop, neverending torrent of just SHIT spewing out of their mouths. Every time they open their mouths, something nasty, cruel, foul, and disturbing comes out. No goodness in them, no heart. If you cut them open, you'd expect only rotten black worms and mold to spill out.

Baffos have an illusion to keep up. Perhaps the cartoonish "bullying" tropes originate from a forgotten era. Stories tend to be exaggerated, and there's still an unspoken oral tradition in the "first world". Ideas and memories get passed on, from each generation to the next. But fish tales tend to be greatly exaggerated, and things get exaggerated in retelling, to make the stories more interesting and outlandish.

Jocks vs Nerds

We've heard many stories in popular culture, about nerds and jocks fighting. The jock would be the "warrior" class, and nerd would be the "mage" class. The classic struggle between orcs and elves. To keep this simple, both groups are painted as being "he him". Remember, the Baby Boom was when a MASSIVE, engineered class of test tube babies, flooded the general population, skewing the demographics and devaluing the real people that already existed. "CIA Pickle Factory", Operation Paperclip, twin births in a German-Brazilian town.

So, keep in mind the generic stock images of the "Jock", a roided-up, "model" martin. A hormone monster that got big on HGH (harvested from brains, or can be synthesized today. That's why people are taller these days! "nutrition". Uh, they eat more synthetic brain juice now...). And "drug TESTING" in sports? They cover story is "they scan for usage of drugs, to disqualify cheaters", but the real truth is, they test out hormones and performance enhacing drugs. That's probably the real reason, boring-ass sports are such a colossally huge deal that martins obsess over. As for MfF, they got... Premarine. Pregnant Mare Urine. It makes their hands turn white, that's all it does. Hormones are literal real alchemical magic on females. Ever noticed how some people give off "vibes" that remind you of horses, dogs, pigs, cows? There's literal alchemical magic going on. The usage of animal hormones, makes the users physically resemble those animals. That's why so many people seem kinda "horsey" or "doggish". Chemistry class won't tell you about that!

Nerds? They're just... Girls. With the wrong parts. They might like to view themselves as being "smarter", but anyone can become cripplingly specialized in any field, doesn't really matter how big your brain is. You'll notice that the tendency is for Humans to be "jack of all trades", with a speciality or two, but they tend to have a variety of basic skills. Baffos, are way, way more likely to become extremely specialized in one single area ALONE, and absolutely neglect everything else. They can get great at programming, but many don't understand how boiling water works. Or know what soap is. Or how to talk to real people instead of anime characters. Humans can do several things sufficiently, baffos often can do nothing except for one specific thing, that's a common trend you'll notice.

Jocks' minds get weird, horny, violent, arrogant, and highly aggressive from "roid rage" alone. That's why they act the way they do. The HUGE amount of testosterone and HGH they take, makes them flip out and become horny, arrogant monsters that want to pick a fight every moment. That's the hormones taking over and controlling them. Real males don't produce half as much testosterone as the big juicers do! You know they're rich and elite if they can afford all those crazy chemicals. Remember, Magic the Gathering cards (money laundering) and personal connections, is how poorer people can get access to these insane hormones.

Nerds tend to be more stable, less chaotic, but often very cagey, bigoted, and gatekeepy. They're also generally very insecure, and thus get a chip on their slopey little shoulders, and have "something to prove". If they feel like "proving" something. Many nerds are just apathetic and want to be left alone to do whatever dweeb crap they enjoy. Personalities vary. Think of DnD nerds, sitting together at a table for hours, making up stories about dwarves fighting dragons and casting revive zombie. That sounds like women stuff. IDK what real men would do, there kind of aren't any... But yeah, tabletop roleplaying, that's women stuff. You KNOW it. Nerds love escapism. From blood & guts, black/red/silver settings where armored orcs bash up flaming skeletons with studded battleaxes, to pastel horseys chatting with their friends, to scenarios with 12 cat-"girls", to sci-fi worlds where people turn into robots, Nerds are real big on escapism and fantasy.

So, what's with the tropes and themes about these two groups constantly fighting and being aggressive towards each other? What's the STORY behind "Jocks vs Nerds". Why it be like that. They're both predominantly FtM "he him" groups. They both have sloped shoulders, shorter arms, shorter necks, bigger booties, hourglass figures. Jocks will have to pay the price of their reckless hormone consumption, and they crash HARD. Nerds might be apathetic and self-destructive, but some nerds know how to take care of themselves. Rampant hormone usage comes with a brutal price to pay. Nerds would probably not have taken that many hormones, and won't suffer as badly as the Jocks would. You know why baffos HATE and DREAD and FEAR age 30, like it's death itself? Age 30 is when the hormones stop working, and the chickens of substance use, come home to roost. Humans don't fear age 30. It's a perfectly fine age. But baffos revert back to being a trashed, ruined hermaphrodite at that age. And because all they did was be vain and worthless, doing more evil than good, and they KNOW they're going to Hell, they have the classic Midlife Crisis. Humans might not have that. Humans tend to find good things to do that help other people, not buy a new sports car.

Side by side, you'll see with your eyes, that Jocks, Nerds, and all females, have the same anatomical markers. The same skeletons, but the HGH and T that Jocks consume, does make them grow hugely. There's also another strange thing about females who never have puberty. Dickgirls won't have puberty, because hermaphrodites just plain don't have puberty (so IDK how the X sperm production is triggered... we don't understand everything yet), and girls who have periods, will stop growing about a year after their first period. Girls that don't have periods, can grow bigger than they otherwise would! But only sometimes, not always. Plenty of dickgirls are 4', some are just a tad bigger than normal women.

All baffos, baff alike. "All for one, and one for all", that is the baffo motto. They can all be different branches, different colors, labels, whatever. But they're ALL baffos, and no matter how much they hate the other guys, they're still all the same. They're still all tentacles of the same evil squid. Do you have any idea how padded out the IRL "simulation" aspect of life is! There are literal empty husk, physical actors walking around, making things look more detailed than they actually are! Wild stuff.

Jocks and Nerds are a good example of "different tentacles of the same squid", much like how the KKK and Black Panthers are, or Democrats and Republicans. All Red Lodge / Blue Lodge stuff. They're both predominantly FtM groups, and so they both basically look the same, except Jocks took a ton of hormones and got huge. Knowing this, the Jocks felt threatened that the Nerds visually look like them so much, just less roided-out. Many martins bash on real women brutally, because they resent that real women exist. When a martin is next to some stunted, mentally-crippled swyer with bone shaving scars, wearing makeup and a frilly little dress, there's at least a contrast there. When a martin is next to a woman, you realize... What's the difference? A chrome dome and beard? That's the only difference? HMMMM.

Baffos are all in the Baffo Club, and they try to shame and bully each other, to "keep each other in line". There are brutal consequences for some random baffo, outing another baffo. They get fingers chopped off over this. Ever met anyone who was missing their end joint on their ring finger, and they have some lame cover story about it, that they don't want to discuss? That's what happens if a baffo lets something slip. Chop.

When nerds sit around, making up stories about how the pastel space ponies smashed the glitter skeleton with the crystal battleaxe of destiny and married an anime catgirl, it's pretty plain to see that they're identical to the girls writing Devil May Cry Mpreg stories. The next logical step, is seeing that not only do Nerds look like average dorky girls, but they also look like Jocks, but smaller... HMMM. Real eyes see, real ears hear.

Well, that's enough for now. Any more thoughts, this page will become a subindex.

Dec 05 2020