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Vidya Type Thoughts #2

If somehow you read all this (thanks?), you can see I lose my train of thought and get sidetracked like no one's business.

With those rants out of my system (for now), so as a child I'd play a few (didn't have many) 8bit games. Mostly GameBoy (original) at first. There were some Intellivision and other 4bit game console related things laying around the house, but I don't recall the Intellivision console ever being plugged in, and some game carts were for systems my parent's didn't have, so. Whatever.

You know how older people go "rrgh back in mah day, we climbed up 90 degree slopes BOTH WAYS, covered in solid ice and snow, to get a wooden slab, and all we could do was PRETEND there were moving pixels on the wooden slab, AND WE LIKED IT!!" yeah. That's how it is.

First impressions are massively impactful. Not everyone remembers their childhood (for profoundly disturbing reasons... Maybe I'll get into that), but it's probably fair to assume that most people would remember enough about their childhood to recall specific things, and thoughts, and happenings. Recall what things were present in their lives, people, thoughts and feelings about this and that.

Children just blindly assume that everything they see is normal and standard, because that's the way brains are wired. Birds don't need to be taught how to build nests. Spiders don't need to be taught how to spin webs or make egg sacks. Whales don't need to be taught how to hold their breaths. These things are inborn. Instinct. Not from "evolution", but by intentional design. And the way the world has been derailed, this part of how brains work has been disrupted. But it's amazing, or perhaps sensible and not "amazing" because it makes sense, that our minds adapt to this hideously unnatural fake world, somewhat. It's like we were designed to be able to handle being thrust into a completely backwards, unnatural system.

When I could first form permanent memories, I was what, 4-5-ish. ...It's said infants and early toddlers don't form permanent memories, because their brains are developing rapidly. But is that actually naturally true, or is it a fake cover reason as to why things are the way they are? Because it's truly shocking and silently terrifying how MUCH early childhood abuse is done all over the world, very ESPECIALLY in rich families. Ever wondered how rich families can be so "rich", but they have bullshit jobs and don't do hard labor or produce actual goods and real services? And usually they have one child, usually a prized "daughter princess". """daughter""". Princ"ess". Where does their money come from. Where does their money come from. Not all "rich people" are as wealthy as they'd have you believe, they exchange "services" for perks. Get my drift.

And people who aren't so rich, even poorer people, they get access to things they """need""" (not really, but they think they need them), the same way rich people do. They exchange a particular service... What do poor people tend to have, more than rich people. Think about it. What do rich people like to do in secrecy. What will rich people give to poor people, in exchange for a particular "service".

Uhh why am I putting these under "vidya related thoughts". I guess it's more discreet than a big ol header and flashing huge red text, saying something that'll get the site taken down. If you post certain things, your site will go byebye without warning. Happened to me on Tumblr. No "strikes", no "alerts", just bam, gone.

Here's another clue. Magic the Gathering cards, are the most popular form of money laundering.

More clues? Well... Hermaphrodites don't have puberty. But in addition to no puberty, people who experience a trauma or form an addiction, tend to become mentally "locked" in the state of development where they were traumatized or addicted. Think of all the people who are permanently mental children. Some might function well enough, but they dive into escapism and childishness as soon as they're off the clock. What two or three things have made adults be so childish.

Remember the rich KIDS (goat word) from school, how brittle they were. Mentally and emotionally unstable. Their rich dudely "mommy" and big-hipped "daddy" would give them all the shiny toys and get them jobs they don't qualify for, throw them extravagant birthday parties, more big fancy gifts... Are they paying their kid back for something? Are they compensating their kid? Why is their kid so brittle and quick to cry and melt down over being told "nuh uh" by an unpopular student at their school, or some rando on the street? Why is the "princess" so brittle? Those fancy toys and popularity don't make "her" happy? Maybe a new car on their 16th birthday won't erase the physical traumas that were inflicted on them. But when "princess" is 25, "she" too will have a kid, who will be subjected to the exact same traumas and "compensation".

The cycle never ends with these "people". All this brought on because I brought up memory loss in early childhood. That's tangents.

Yeah anyway, so. Hurts happen to everyone, and we aren't the mistakes we make, or the traumas we've received... Nother tangent, I remember 2000's LiveJournal, and there were soooo many friend-rings of FREAKS who would have pissing contests over who was more emo, who was the most scarred, who was the most saaaaddd ;( QQ T_T, and each and every single one of these "soooo saaaadddd booohoo" "princesses" (seriously, no joke) was an absolutely HORRIBLE person. They wanted to wear the crown of "supreme (drag) queen of trauma and mental illness and poppin' pills for pleasure". They were HORRIBLE to all normal people unfortunate enough to interact with them. Hint, normal people are friendly and kind. Nother hint, as rare as proper gardens, real farms where cows graze on fields and are treated well, people that sew their own clothing and do their own carpentry - that's how rare true normals are. I will never, ever use "normie" as a slur. Real Normal people are unbelievably rare. As rare as a yard garden, a traditional ethical farm, people that make their own things. As rare as the natural state of living.

"Princesses" fish for "sympathy", but it's low-key bragging about them having the longest list of grievances. But they sure don't end the chain of abuse, they're wicked, cruel, horrible, mean, twisted, backstabbing, underhanded, and socially cannibalistic to anyone not in their 33orange group. Oh snap, that's going to become a nono keyword.

BTW, while I'm on the "grr Princess Freaks suck" tangent, they were all, ALL! of the following groupthink:

Oh wait, what's this?

XY gonadal dysgenesis, also known as Swyer syndrome, is a type of hypogonadism in a person whose karyotype is 46,XY. They typically have normal female external genitalia, identify as female, and are raised as girls.[1]


Bahahaha, aren't tangents great! You can learn so much when you go off topic, down the unbeaten path!

So yeah anyway, how bout them Gameboy games.


Nov 30 2020