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Who doesn't think dinosaurs are cool and mysterious? Great mysteries, such as, how can a bronto/apata/whatever/longneck even exist? People did math about that thing, it's impossible to sustain. How could stegosauri mate? How could triceratops eat by throwing its head back, with that crest hitting its shoulders and spine? What's the deal with plesiosaur? How does a T-Rex not fall over? How did pterosaurs take off? And a million other questions along the lines of "what's up with smilodon fangs", or "uhhh what's up with the giant panda?".

Dinosaurs are now a well-known hoax, but also a guilty pleasure... You have to admit, those designs are pretty badass. Plus, hey, public domain.

Dinosaurs aren't mentioned in the Bible, but dragons are. You know what else is mentioned in the Bible? Machines. With engines. Tyra was probably the basis fo "Atlantis", and sometimes countries call themselves a completely different name, than the English speaking world calls them. Sometimes that name is completely different, and not just a transliteration. "Rossya" to "Russia", or "Nihon" to "Japan" aren't the biggest jumps in names, though.

Anyway. The origins of the concepts of dinosaurs, that's what's interesting. The things we're shown are flavor of the month BS pushed out by lientists having a laugh and showing off their IRL fakemons, but think about the designs and themes of popular dinosaurs. Could the brontosaurus symbolize a crane? Could a triceratops be like a bulldozer? Those big-skull dinos, do they represent wrecking equipment? Many dinos call to mind terraforming equipment. There's some "Hammer tail" dino that has that theme.

Tellingly, dinosaurs are strongly pushed on children, along with apes, outer space, and DNA. In addition to maaaany other hoax things, in fact I should make a page of just a list of media promoting hoaxes, sometime. Would be a slow-grower.

Long story short, there were inspirations for the concept of dinosaurs, lots of theories, but no conclusive answers and physical proof in front of us. All we have is the absence of proof of ever-changing, giant lizards with nonsense balance and anatomy, that don't have a quadrillion intermediaries. There are dragon legends, and construction / demolishing / terraforming equipment. And some masons in high places, with the money and connections to have giant fake skeletons produced, buried near the manufacturers, and then "dug up" and displayed. Then, the Bone Wars happened! And then, just like how Pokemon's original staff went away, and new staff members joined, designs and mechanics changed, and the new overseers of the public domain lizard-monsters, decided to add feathers and a zillion new mons, and retconned some stuff because it was too ridiculous. Gave some old mons new names and features. "Oops they were put together wrong".

A long time ago, I could just google up a screenshot from "We're Back A Dinosaur Story" (also 10 years ago, people commented on all its MK Ultra symbolism... I should make an MK Ultra page...), and it was of the scene where the Julia Childs midget character mistakes construction / terraforming equipment for the dinosaurs. Today, I just reached the end of Google Image Search results, and did NOT find that screen. Google sucks now, they hide things and only push ads and propaganda.

As the Unicorn had to have been a real animal, perhaps it still exists as a specie or genus, the real thing got obscured, and a fake of the same name shoved to the front and made into a joke. Let's NOT talk about that show from 2011, but beyond that and the fandom, how about generic unicorns that aren't necessarily trying to cash in on the pastel horsey craze (... i guess, refer to generic unicorn depictions from before 2011?), how many are blue, yellow, or green? The most popular unicorn colors are white with rainbow horse manes, and pink or purple. Generally. Wonder where the white/rainbow comes from exactly, might just be some popular thing that got borrowed a whole ton. Also, a glitter association. Notice how unicorns are depicted as horses with party hats, associated with rainbow and glitter. And castrati. Unicorns might be a reference to non-Swyer boys raised as if they actually did have Swyer Syndrome. IOW, actual real boys in drag. On that note, who loves rainbow and glitter? The symbol of the rainbow has been appropriated to mock God, because certain activities (which include creating hybrid abominations, which still is done today), is what made Him Flood the world in the first place, and the glitter probably symbolizes rain. Because rain glitters and can be iridescent. So the unicorn is depicted as a modified horse (think genetic engineering, which has secretly gone back for decades in modern times) associated with flooding and rain, as opposed to just a regular, plain ol, one-horned bovid that poops cow pies instead of ice cream. Gee, I wonder who would want to kill a big goat, to saw off his one horn, and powder it down into some boner potion. Who would do such a thing. HMMMMM.

So, dinosaurs. They're said to be of the following eras, at least that I recalled. I can't be bothered to "refresh" whatever BS got made up last week. They're just CGI monsters and toys, nothing more, nothing less. Based on interesting things though, I'm sure. Or just some bigshot lientist making his daughter's OC monsters "canon". They're said to be of the Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Pleistocene Eras. They're from 200 years ago or something, but most people are aware of that now. "Jurassic", you can probably break that one down yourself. It's like how all the "planets" are named after Greco-Roman "gods", and then one of them's a fart/butt joke. Typical masons. Obligatory token fart joke member of the cast. "Cretaceous", probably a mix of "cretin" and "credulous", something like that. Mocking. And "Pleistocene". PLASTICINE, the material used in stop-motion. Stop-mo films really, massively popularized dinosaurs to the public.

"Canonically", dinosaurs and mammals didn't coexist, but then "Dimetrodon" (sequel hook) and something, and no one can resist mashing apes and "cavemen" (another BS thing) with dinos, cuz why not. Just throw all that shit in the bowl and mix it up, why not. Yeah throw in some ice cubes and hairy elephants (okay, those seem plausible though...), change up the formula or something. It's all fiction at the end of the day.

T-Rex is definitely one of the favorite dinos. There's a theory that this wobbly thing that would just fall over, was a visual mnemonic for identifying people with female skeletons. Short neck, no shoulders, dinky arms, big ass. The "T" supposedly stands for "Tyrannosaurus", and you know about "tyranny" and who the "tyrants" are. Three letters, EGI. But commoners imitate the elite, but no one wants to talk about that pesky little detail. Like "DNA" is supposedly for "deoxyribo neucleic acid", that made up jumble of chemical words is probably a convenient cover story for why the invisible magic rainbow ladder of self-ascension has the same acronym as "dicks n ass". They just do things like that. They're obsessed with puns and word play. As dinos, apes, space, giant pandas, etc. are pushed on children, so are crappy, unfunny puns and wordplay. Why do they like puns? Because puns are the epitome of doublespeak and layered meanings, and multiple interpretations. Pay close attention to the things baffos say, and what they do with their hands! Also, stare at them funny. Gawk at them blatantly.

So, instead of "tyrannosaurus", think of what else "T" stands for. Testosterone. Alchemical black magic on females. Go look up FTM transition videos, listen to what happens to their voices, watch them have growth spurts, grow thick beards, and lose their head hair, eyebrows, and even eyelashes. Watch how their behavior changes. They get psychotic.

Dinosaurs had many, MANY promotional media shat out en masse, to popularize the idea that these nonsense things existed, and that man was just some afterthought or thing that just formed in a very windy airplane junkyard. Jurassic Park was probably the biggest dino movie franchise ever, and those toys were boss, NGL. If I were to name all dino media, which I don't have to because Wikipedia exists, I'd be here for hundreds of years. Anyway, Jurassic Park begins with a scene where two female belt buckle ends are tied together, all the dinos are girls, and "life uh, finds a way". No one ever tells you about hermaphrodites, they act like a very common and FORCED condition is "rare", and caused by something else than blasting a little girl fetus with T and forcing her to grow a micropeen and one ball, and they don't tell you that SOMEHOW, these dickgirls can make X sperm. "The seed of women", as the Bible calls it. Freemartin sperm. Oh, and Swyer pregnancies (with IVF) are a thing. No one ever tells you that, either. But like toupees and moonbumps, it's common knowledge that no one in the CClub ever breathes a word about. They'll get their fingers chopped off if they let that slip.

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